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Geeked Week 2022 The Cuphead Show News! – What to Expect from the Cuphead Show Season 2?

Geeked Week The Cuphead Show News
Geeked Week The Cuphead Show News

Geeked Week The Cuphead Show was a blast. You will be welcomed back to Inkwell Isles and sucked into Cuphead and his brother Mugman’s amusing exploits in the Cuphead Show as the first peek at Season 2 was revealed during the event. It looks like the dynamic team has even more mischief under their sleeves for Season 2, and there is a lot to discuss about the Geeked Week The Cuphead Show.

Season 2 is jam-packed with action with getting tied to explosives or busting out of jail, and of course, we will be accompanied by the trendy and charming acquaintance Ms. Chalice and The Devil. Those enemies are always prepared to deceive the brothers, adding a lot of fun to the show.

From Season 1

From Season 1

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You might have already realized that The Cuphead Show is a tribute to the golden days of American animation with its retro style and vintage Disney animation. It was also mentioned during Geeked Week The Cuphead Show that the show is based on the computer game Cuphead, and Tru Valentino, one of the voice actors of the show claimed that Cuphead brings a sense of familiarity because of this form of animation. It just brings the people back to a time when they were younger, and people are missing their childhood.

During the Geeked Week The Cuphead Show event, a trailer for the 2nd season was released, and you can check it out down below.

The Cuphead Show Netflix

Netflix has released a new trailer for Season 2 of the show as part of Geeked Week The Cuphead Show, and it was announced that the upcoming episodes will be released on August 19th. In the new episodes, we will see more of the madcap comedy that fans liked.

The Cuphead Show debuted on the streaming service in February, and the wait time between seasons will not be too long as it was revealed during Geeked Week The Cuphead Show. The new teaser provides us with a few fascinating suggestions about where the story is going and what will happen in Season 2.

The teaser for Season 2 of The Cuphead Show was also shared through a tweet you can see below.

For those who are inexperienced with The Cuphead Show, it is an animated series based on Studio MDHR’s video game series and it was released on Netflix for viewers to enjoy some retro animation. During the Geeked Week The Cuphead Show, it was announced that Tru Valentino will reprise his role as Cuphead in the next season, and we will watch Frank Todaro as his brother Mugman.

The story was left off with two brothers in jail after trespassing into a cookie factory, and it was discussed in Geeked Week The Cuphead Show that Season 2 will open off where Season 1 left off.

You might have realized that adaptations of video games have been popular in recent years, and corporations are increasingly turning to video games, from large brands such as Mortal Kombat and Mario. The Cuphead show is one example of that. It appears that Netflix is striving harder to stay true to the original material while still providing something audiences can appreciate with the Cuphead Show, and we think Season 2 will follow the tradition.

The Cuphead Show Season 2 News

Cuphead poster

Cuphead poster

This summer, Cuphead and Mugman will come back to Netflix as it was announced during Geeked Week The Cuphead Show, and August 19 is the release date for the new season. Following the success of the 1st season, Netflix purchased further episodes, which will be released in 12-episode blocks, so we will have 3 more seasons according to the Geeked Week The Cuphead Show.

Deeki Deke, Clay Morrow, Adam Paloian, Cosmo Segurson, and Dave Wasson write each episode of The Cuphead Show, and we will watch their work for a longer period of time now. Lighthouse Firms supply the stop-motion animation for the series, and in the cast, we have Tru Valentino who voices Cuphead, Mugman who is voiced by Frank Todaro, Ms. Chalice who is voiced by Grey Griffin, and King Dice who is voiced by Wayne Brady.

The Cuphead Show Age Rating

Cuphead on Netflix

Cuphead on Netflix

The Cuphead Show is a cartoon series inspired by 1930s Fleischer cartoons, but is it suitable for children to watch? What about adults, can they enjoy the show? The Cuphead Show features two humanoid cup brothers named Cuphead and Mugman, and Cuphead is more impetuous, but Mugman is more cautious, and their tale takes place in Inkwell Isles.

The Cuphead Show’s formal age rating is TV-Y7, indicating that it is appropriate for children aged 7 and up, but adults can also enjoy it.

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