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Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 Release Date, Trailer
Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 Release Date, Trailer

When is Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 will be released? Will it continue to leave us wondering?

Coffee and Vanilla, which entered our lives in 2019, is a romantic Japanese drama. It currently has 1 season with 10 episodes and the episodes last about 30 minutes. The Coffee and Vanilla cast includes young talents such as Dôri Sakurada, Haruka Fukuhara, Yûki Ogoe, and Shôgo Hama.

Let’s find out when Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 will be released, and answer the questions about the series!

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Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 Release Date

Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 Release Date

Coffee and Vanilla Season 2

It doesn’t look like Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 will be released much. The first reason is that at the end of the series, we see that everyone is happy and they are putting their lives in order. Especially in the final episode, we see that our lead roles are now sure of their love for each other and Hiroto proposes to Rita. Thus, all open doors are closed. In addition, the producers of the series have not made any statements about Coffee and Vanilla Season 2, and it has been more than 3 years since the 1st season of the series was confirmed.

We should not forget that the stories of some TV series really have a lifespan. The series, which are continued just because they are loved or the continuation is curious, can say goodbye to us with much more unsuccessful endings. In order for this not to happen, we can say that it is better not to publish Coffee and Vanilla Season 2. However, we would be very happy if our lead roles Dori Sakurada and Haruka Fukuhara appear in another drama!

What happens in Coffee and Vanilla?

Coffee and Vanilla Cast

Coffee and Vanilla Cast

At Coffee and Vanilla, we witness the love story of Risa and Hiroto. These two come together at a time when Risa’s life is going badly. Hiroto’s interest in her and her thoughtful behavior is a factor that accelerates the process of falling in love with each other. There is also a status difference between them that we normally think would create an impossibility. Hiroto is the CEO of a company and has a very luxurious life. On the other hand, Risa is still a university student and does not have much financial means. However, this is never a problem for them.

Apart from these two, we also have many different characters and we witness their lives as well. First of all, Akutsu is also a character in love with Risa and this sometimes causes conflicts with Hiroto. Yoshiki is also a character who is in love with Risa, but when she realizes that Risa likes Hiroto, she gives up trying. However, he is a very handsome character!

So does anyone else like Hiroto? Of course, there is! And Risa’s best friend Natsuki! Risa learns this fact and is very upset, but they can overcome this problem. As you can see, Coffee and Vanilla is a series with a lot of emotional tension.

Is Coffee and Vanilla in Netflix?

Coffee and Vanilla Risa and Hiroto

Coffee and Vanilla Risa and Hiroto

Both yes and no. For a while, we could easily watch Coffee and Vanilla on Netflix, but now the series is not on Netflix, so it has been removed. However, we think that if Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 is decided to be made one day, the series may return to Netflix again. For now, we have to try our luck on other platforms.

Is Coffee and Vanilla worth watching?

Coffee and Vanilla

Coffee and Vanilla

If you like watching romantic dramas and have a special interest in Japanese-made content, yes! However, if you do not like these two categories, we do not think that you will like Coffee and Vanilla very much. If you are someone who does not like romantic content, we do not think that you will open and watch the romantic series Coffee and Vanilla.

In addition, if you don’t like the content that includes clichés and consists of them, you may not like this series for this reason. As we mentioned, this love story is based on a great stereotype: a rich boy and a poor girl. However, we know that there are many viewers who like this type of content even though its basis is like this and who believe that the story will proceed differently even though it is based on this cliché. If you’re one of them, Coffee and Vanilla is for you and well worth a watch!

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