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Black Crab Movie 2022 Ending Explained! – Is Edh Alive?

Black Crab Movie 2022 Ending Explained!
Black Crab Movie 2022 Ending Explained!

One of the latest additions to Netflix this month is Black Crab, a post-apocalyptic action thriller, directed by Adam Berg and starring Noomi Rapace. The sci-fi war movie follows a team of soldiers, one of which is Caroline Edh (Noomi Rapace) who goes on a suicide mission to stop the war. The movie is doing relatively well with reviews, receiving 60% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the audience score on the same website is quite unpleasant, 37%.

Especially, what confused people about the movie was its ending, and many people have been searching for what happened at the end of the movie. Did Edh reunite with her daughter or is she dead? What happened to Malik? Was the virus eliminated? All the answers to these questions, you can find below!

Black Crab Movie

Black Crab (2022) Netflix

Black Crab (2022) Netflix

As we mentioned above, a team of soldiers is entrusted with an important task, which is to carry 2 capsules across the enemy lines in order to stop the war, at least that is what the group is told. The group consists of 6 soldiers, Edh, Forsberg (Aliette Opheim), Malik (Dar Salim), Nylund (Jakob Oftebro), Karimi (Ardalan Esmaili), and Granvik (Erik Enge). The group does not even know who the enemy is and what the capsules contain but they are forced to go on this suicide mission. Edh, for instance, has to finish the task successfully in the hopes of reaching her daughter, who is told to be at a refugee camp.

During the mission, Forsberg, Karimi, and Malik die respectively while Granvik opens one of the capsules and finds a virus. Then, Nylund escapes with the capsules and Edh and Granvik have to go after him. But Granvik also dies on the way fighting the so-called enemy. Edh finds Nylund and takes back the capsules and finishes the mission, only to learn that her daughter was not in the refugee camp after all, and Edh was tricked so that she would join the mission. After learning this, Edh also finds out the reason for the existence of the virus, which is planned to be used on refugees to kill them, while higher-up commanders and officials will hide in their bunkers safely.

Nylund and Edh steal the virus and run to a helicopter in order to take the virus to a safe place and destroy it. However, commanders catch up to Edh and warn her to think about her daughter. She answers and says that’s all she ever does and jumps out of the helicopter with a grenade and the virus, releasing the grenade in the air and killing herself/destroying the virus at the same time. At the end of the movie, we see Edh reuniting with her daughter but that’s not true, Edh is already dead…

Black Crab Cast

Noomi Rapace is the lead in Black Crab (2022)

Noomi Rapace is the lead in Black Crab (2022)

The cast of the Black Crab movie is as follows:

  • Noomi Rapace as Caroline Edh
  • Aliette Opheim as Forsberg
  • Dar Salim as Malik
  • Jakob Oftebro as Nylund
  • Ardalan Ismaili as Karimi
  • Erik Enge as Granvik
  • David Dencik as Colonel Raad

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Is Black Crab on Netflix?

Yes, the movie was released on Netflix on the 18th of March and is a Netflix movie. So, it can be streamed on Netflix in more than 35 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Sweden, and more! The movie is a Swedish film so the language of the movie is Swedish. It lasts for 1 hour and 54 minutes.

Black Crab Book
Image from Black Crab (2022) Netflix

Image from Black Crab (2022) Netflix

Black Crab movie is based on a novel in the same name (Svart Krabba in Swedish), written by Jerker Virdborg in 2002. The major difference between the book and the movie is the protagonist, who is a male (Karl Edh) in the book but a female in the movie. The book and the movie are completely fictional.

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