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Bangkok Breaking Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Bangkok Breaking Season 2 Release Date, Trailer
Bangkok Breaking Season 2 Release Date, Trailer

We are here with some hot Bangkok Breaking Season 2 news! The show is an action series that has been recently added to Netflix’s Thai shows, and it was created by Rehan Malik and Richie Moore, being a program about the main character Wanchai as he relocates to join an emergency rescue squad.

Later he becomes entangled in a scheme that makes the entire city of Bangkok a dangerous place. Being Netflix’s 2nd original Thai series, the program has received a lot of attention for its unique representation of Bangkok and for showing the darker side of the city with a chilling drama.

The series won over many hearts with an exciting plot that will lock you to the screen for a long time, and what we liked the best about Bangkok Breaking Season 1 is the fact that it is an amazing combination of emotional drama and fast-paced action. The program’s 1st season premiered in September 2021, and a quite long time has passed after the last episode, and viewers are already wondering if there will be Bangkok Breaking Season 2.

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Bangkok Breaking Season 2

Weir Sukollawat Kanaros and Aom Sushar Manaying

Weir Sukollawat Kanaros and Aom Sushar Manaying

On September 23, 2021, the complete 1st season of the show was released, but when will we be able to watch Bangkok Breaking Season 2, especially with no renewal announcements for the 2nd installment froım Netflix yet.

We have several reasons to believe that the fans will be able to watch Bangkok Breaking Season 2 soon, the first one being the famous name of horror genre expert Kongkiat Khomsiri behind the show’s 1st season.

Bangkok Breaking was also Netflix’s first local production shot that was produced fully in HDR in the hopes of creating a globally loved and respected series, so filmmakers are hoping that the series will win some global awards.

As of now, we do not know the exact date for Bangkok Breaking Season 2, but we are guessing that it should be available on Netflix before the end of 2022 since the streaming platform tends to release new seasons every year.

Bangkok Breaking on Netflix

Bangkok Breaking on Netflix

Also, we have some guesses related to the plot of Bangkok Breaking Season 2. In Season 1, Wanchai was thought to have perished in a horrific accident, but he investigates Jo’s death after sensing something is amiss while being accompanied by journalist Kat. We watched Kat as a person who is determined to go to any length to expose the city’s corruption, and it adds to the intrigue of the show.

In the Bangkok Breaking Season 2, we are expecting to see what awaits Wanchai and Kat, and we guess the series will continue to focus on their attempts to find something related to Jo.

You can watch the official trailer below.

Bangkok Braking Cast

We are expecting Weir Sukollawat Kanaros and Aom Sushar Manaying to get their roles back for Bangkok Breaking Season 2, and the other former cast members will also return, such as Waratthaya Wongchayaporn, Pavarit Mongkolpisit, Suda Chuenban, Daweerit Chullasapya, Suthipongse Thatphithakkul, and Arisara Wongchalee. Also, be prepared to see some fresh faces joining the old cast in Bangkok Breaking Season 2.

Bangkok Braking Synopsis

Bangkok Breaking Cast

Bangkok Breaking Cast

Richie Moore and Rehan Malik are the names behind the production of the famous criminal drama series Bangkok Breaking, and the riveting action program is said to be Netflix’s 2nd famous Thai drama. If you binge-watched the series like us, then you probably want to know whether Bangkok Breaking Season 2 is renewed or not, along with the details related to the synopsis of the show. Let’s look at what the 1st season of Bangkok Breaking was about.

So, Wanchai arrives in town for the first time to stay with his brother Jo and he notices a girl on the train and helps her with her toy; all of this happens while three journalists race to their publication’s offices. Kat is the youngest among those three and she wants to write original articles, but her more experienced colleague says that she should not bother.

Wanchai later decides to look into Ruampalangjai, the leading private rescue service which was called Deep Throat and he thinks that this place could be a source of information for him. But when things were as easy as that? He, of course, faces opposition from high officials and a sports vehicle goes over the sidewalk and begins to go up, producing a major chain-link disaster that kills the girl he helped at the train and flips Kat’s car over.

As expected, Kat and Wanchai are drawn to the disaster which results in Wanchai going to Somsak. Somsak is the person who used to work with Ruampalangjai but now has his own work. Just like the 1st season, we are expecting Bangkok Breaking Season 2 to have a thrilling and exciting plot.

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