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All Young Justice Characters Ranked From Best to Worst

All Young Justice Characters Ranked From Best To Worst
All Young Justice Characters Ranked From Best To Worst

Young Justice characters, raised by the Justice League team, locked us on the screen with their adventures. Having to fight their own battles to prove themselves, this team offers different deep meanings to each of its characters.

Full of action and adventure, Young Justice presents the DC universe to us once again. The IMDb score of the production, which we can watch on Netflix, is 8.7!

Let’s get to know the Young Justice characters closely and rank them from best to worst!

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1. Conner Kent Superboy

Young Justice Characters Conner Kent Superboy

Conner Kent Superboy

Our number one of the Young Justice characters is of course Conner Kent Superboy! Conner Kent Superboy, the character created on March 21, 2010, is a founding member of the Young Justice team. He is himself a genome-morph, that is, a fused clone of Superman and Lex Luthor. Conner Kent Superboy went to Mars to marry Miss Martian, but there he sacrificed his life to protect the Martians from a bombardment. We thought he was dead and out of our lives, but we learn that he is alive, and he is currently trapped in the Ghost Zone.

Conner Kent Superboy wants to be a good hero, but his sudden anger problems won’t let him. He is a maverick and does not like to be told what to do. Since he is a clone of Superman, the self-confidence he has is also present in Superboy. Although he was a character far from his emotions until 2016, Conner Kent Superboy turned into a more emotional character after getting to know Miss Martian.

His powers include extreme strength, super jump, super carry, immunity (being nearly indestructible), super hearing, infrared vision, and more.

2. Wally West

Young Justice Characters Wally West

Wally West

Our number two of Young Justice characters, Wally West, was created in 1994. He is the nephew of The Flash (Barry Allen). Wally West is the Team’s joker and can even make fun of the Team’s plight. Wally West, who is both hyperactive and impatient, has died many times because of this feature. The flirtatious Wally was initially interested in Miss Martian, but later many women entered his life.

Despite his impetuousness, Wally loved science and tinkered with formulas. Although he matured over the years, he didn’t give up his playful personality, but instead of being one of the Young Justice characters, he wanted a normal life more. His special powers include superhuman speed, superhuman stamina, accelerated healing, superhuman reflexes, and tornado generation.

3. Dick Grayson

Young Justice Characters Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson

Our next Young Justice character is Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing. Born in 1996, Dick Grayson was one of the founding members of the Young Justice team. Grayson, who was on several active duties with the team for a while, resigned after Wally West’s death. He worked alone for a while, but then trained and led a new team of young heroes.

In the process of transforming from Robin to Nightwing, Dick has matured considerably. Nightwing is a more somber and serious character, while Robin loves to celebrate his achievements. Nightwing, who has been in relationships with many girls, said it was his superpower. His abilities include speed, endurance, agility, and many features under the umbrella of power.

4. Artemis Crock

Young Justice Characters Artemis Crock

Artemis Crock

Our next Young Justice character is Artemis Crock. Artemis Crock’s name was Artemis first and then Tigress. He is known for his success in archery. She is the sister of Jade Nguyen. Artemis’ boyfriend is Wally West. The two gave up their superhero roles together and lived a normal life for many years. But these two return one day for a secret mission. She took the name Tigress after Wally’s death. She is the current leader of the Young Justice team.

Born into a bad family, Artemis is an aggressive character and tends to solve her problems with brute force. She constantly lied to his friends so that it would not be recognized that she came from a bad family. As for Artemis’ amazing abilities, she runs much faster than others, is durable, and is a very good marksman. She can speak many languages and can also heal the people around her.

5. Beast Boy

Young Justice Characters Beast Boy

Beast Boy

One of the worst among Young Justice characters is Beast Boy. After Beast Boy left the Young Justice team, he formed the Outsiders team. His mother raised him in an animal shelter. Here, after being injured in an explosion, he got a transfusion of altered blood and became a hero. Initially, his eyes turned green, and then he began to change shape with blood. In addition, they have more developed senses than humans.

6. Miss Martian

Young Justice Characters Miss Martian

Miss Martian

In our opinion, the worst of Young Justice characters is Miss Martian. Miss Martian, the niece of the Martian Manhunter, was born in 1962 and is older than any of the characters. She took time to get used to the world because she is from Mars. Although She is a good character at her core, she is vindictive and very ruthless towards her enemies.

She can fly, shapeshift, and telekinesis. She can read anyone’s thoughts through telepathy. She can camouflage very well.

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