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All The Boys Characters Ranked from Worst to Best

the boys
All The Boys Characters Ranked from Worst to Best

The Boys, a series watched with interest by fantasy and action lovers, is in front of its fans with its 3rd season on Amazon Prime. We watch that superheroes who have sworn to save the world are not actually like that. They have become corrupt corporate puppets. Another favorite point of the series is that the characters can ruthlessly criticize every subject.

Furthermore, it is intriguing because both these comments and all of these scenarios are so genuine, and the viewer shares this feeling. In fact, if you pay carefully, you will notice that music is not used in any of the series’ scenes. As a result, the public sees the series in a more realistic light.

What if we ranked The Boys’ characters from best to worst?

Let’s begin by learning a little bit about the characters. As a result, our readers who have never seen the series before may want to watch it now that they have a better understanding of it.

The Seven

The Seven

The Seven, a gang of superheroes controlled by the firm Vought International, is one of those who misuse their authority throughout the series. The Boys, a superhero organization from the same business, deals with superheroes who abuse their talents.

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1. Homelander



In our opinion, the worst hero of the series is undoubtedly Homelander! His characteristic features and the way he uses his power are a reason to be afraid of him.

Homelander is the head of the Seven, which is controlled by The Vought International. Because the organization feeds the heroes with evil, Homelander, the team’s leader, is a vicious narcissist. Homelander’s superpowers include the capacity to fire lasers from his eyes, as well as the strength to smash anything with his bare hands and the ability to fly.

In fact, for a superhero, he possesses several superpowers. According to The Vought, this should make him “invincible.” Antony Starr, who portrays Homelander, is a well-known actor who has been in films such as Wish You Were Here, Mercy Peak, and American Gothic.

2. Black Noir

Black Noir

Black Noir

The series’ primary enemy, Black Noir, is depicted as a dark knight. Black Noir is a black costume superhero and a member of The Seven. He is also a pilot. This character is a super-powered ninja who is both sly and stealthy. He was trained to be a killing machine by a master Sensei, according to what is known about him.

The mere mention of his name causes the offenders to flee in terror. Despite his odd cruelty, he shows incredible compassion and cares about innocent souls.

3. Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy

Even though he’s new to the team, we’re sure he’ll be terrified already. Soldier Boy, the most recent addition to the cast, is the chosen leader of Payback, although he aspires to be a member of The Seven.

Although he claims to have served in WWII, his adversary Butchers contends that this is a massive hoax. Jensen Ackles, who portrays Soldier Boy, has been a part of the Supernatural ensemble for a long time. In the 3rd season, he introduced himself to the series! Let’s see what happens with him in the future.

4. Billy Butcher

Billy Butcher

Billy Butcher

Billy Butcher is the head of The Boys squad, which is on the side of “good,” in opposition to Homelander and The Seven. After his wife, Becca, goes missing, Butcher returns as the leader of The Boys out of anger for Supes. Karl Urban is the famous actor that portrays Butcher in front of the public.

After the death of his wife, Butcher, a former member of the British special forces, becomes a vigilante. His most unique natural gift is his capacity to convince. With his raw power and charisma, he has a knack that can persuade anyone.

His only goal in life is to eliminate “superheroes.” His personal blood vendetta is the primary motivation for this mission. Butcher is determined to take revenge on the villain Homelander, no matter the cost.

5. Hughie Campbell

Hughie Campbell

Hughie Campbell

Jack Quaid, aka Hughie Campbell, became a member of The Boys after his girlfriend was killed by A-Train, a member of The Seven. Hughie felt useless for a long time after his girlfriend was murdered.

There was only one way to avoid this feeling. It was to help fight the Supes legally by joining Victore Neuman’s campaign. Jack Quaid, who plays Hughie, has received acclaim from the public for his previous roles.

6. Starlight



Good-hearted hero chasing the ideal! Annie, aka Starlight, is a member of the squad who believes in The Seven’s deception. Starlight thought The Seven had actually aided humanity at first. She is dismayed, however, when she finds that this has nothing to do with reality. Starlight’s decision-making is guided by her desire to serve others. As a result, she joins The Boys in order to enrage The Seven, particularly Homelander, who lied to her. Annie is played by Erin Moriarty, who has previously appeared in The Watch, Captain Fantastic, and Jessica Jones.

Although it is challenging to rank the heroes from good to evil, we may choose Billy Butcher as the finest character, as the goal of The Boys is to aid humanity while also destroying the team of The Seven who have fallen to the people. Then, due of her compassion for humankind and her attitude to The Seven when she discovers the truth, Starlight may call it a good character.

Black Noir, on the other hand, is a bit perplexing in this scenario since, although having a wicked character, his sensitivity to the innocent distinguishes him from the other members of The Seven. We have nothing to say about Homelander, The Seven’s commander, and the newcomer Soldier Boy’s level of depravity.

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