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Netflix Geeked Week Special: All of Us Are Dead Episode Guide – How to Watch All of Us Are Dead?

Netflix Geeked Week Special: All of Us Are Dead Episode Guide - How to Watch All of Us Are Dead?
All of Us Are Dead Episode Guide

Netflix Geeked Week is in full swing, and so far there have been some welcome announcements about popular series on the streaming platform. All of Us Are Dead is one of the highly anticipated series that was talked about on the first day of Geeked Week 2022. As a Geeked Week special, we’ve an All of Us Are Dead episode guide for you here, along with the latest announcements about the 2nd season of the South Korean series.

All of Us Are Dead Episode Guide

The first season of the South Korean series consists of 12 episodes, each of which is about 60 minutes long.

Episode 1

All of Us Are Dead Episode Guide - Episode 1

Episode 1

The first episode features Son Myung-hwan, a bully from Hyosan High School, who leads a group of bullies who attack a fellow student. His father, Lee Byeong-chan, a science teacher, notices that his son is acting like a zombie. When the teachers and students notice this, they take him to the school clinic where he bites the nurse. The nurse turns into a zombie and attacks numerous students, infecting them all and causing a school-wide outbreak.

Episode 2

Students and childhood friends Nam On-jo and Lee Cheong-san escape and hide in their classroom with surviving classmates as the virus quickly spreads throughout the school. In the classroom, an infected teacher turns into a zombie and bites Min-ji, causing the other students to flee to another room. When the school’s archery team arrives, they discover the situation in the school. The virus spreads throughout Hyosan.

Episode 3

All of Us Are Dead Episode Guide - Episode 3

Episode 3

Due to the situation in Hyosan, the government declares martial law and starts evacuating the survivors. Cheong-san’s mother arrives at the school and worries about her son’s safety. Nam So-ju, and his squad find shelter with Hyosan Assemblywoman Park Eun-hee and her colleagues at a government facility.

Episode 4

The police station is attacked by a zombie horde and Byeong-chan is bitten. He tells them that his laptop is in the school’s science lab and contains the solution to eradicating the virus. So-ju and his teammate Kim Woo-shin evacuate the government survivors and board a helicopter after losing a teammate and a politician.

Episode 5

All of Us Are Dead Episode Guide - Episode 5

Episode 5

Gwi-nam and Cheong-san fight in the contaminated school library, while Jun-yeong and On-jo retrieve a flying drone from the science lab. Meanwhile, Jae-ik and Ho-chul seek refuge at a fried chicken restaurant, where they discover Park Hee-su, a Hyosan High student, sick and bound at the door. So-ju and his group arrive at a military quarantine zone at the same time.

Episode 6

Nam-ra bites Gwi-nam, who doesn’t transform immediately but gradually becomes half-zombie and bites Su-hyeok before regaining control. Jun-seong is wounded as the survivors fight their way out and into the archery center. So-ju makes it out of the quarantine zone and heads to school.

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Episode 7

All of Us Are Dead Episode Guide - Episode 7

Episode 7

In Episode 7, Su-hyeok and Cheong-san fight the zombies as they follow the students up the stairs to the roof. On a rooftop, Jae-ik discovers a survivor and tries to rescue him. Because of the zombies, Ho-chul abandons him and leaves with the kids on a motorcycle.

Episode 8

The survivors of the rooftop fire gather around a bonfire to tell their stories. They go to Hyosan to pick up Min Eun-ji, a student at Hyosan High who doesn’t seem to be affected by the virus.

Episode 9

All of Us Are Dead Episode Guide - Episode 9

Episode 9

The military sends a helicopter to Hyosan High School, where emergency personnel have successfully retrieved the laptop from the school and are preparing to rescue the remaining students. However, due to a simultaneous incident in which Eun-ji became aggressive and bit Chul-soo, they receive last-minute orders to treat all survivors as asymptomatic and abandon them.

Episode 10

The zombies nearby are attracted by Cheong-san’s screams and the survivors on the roof flee. Nam-ra quickly notices a massive zombie horde due to her half-zombified state. Ji-min gets lost and is killed on the school’s soccer field. The survivors devise a strategy to surround themselves with a moving barricade of sports equipment and metal carts as they leave the auditorium.

Episode 11

At the archery center, Gwi-nam encounters Min-jae and beats him badly. Meanwhile, the military uses drones to lure zombies to the bombing sites. The military bombs the zombie infested areas and wipes them out.

Episode 12

All of Us Are Dead Episode Guide - Episode 12

Episode 12

In the season finale, we see Nam-ra being urged to eat her friends, and she almost bites On-jo. The remaining six students are rescued by the military. Four months later, the government lifts martial law, but the citizens are still quarantined. They sneak out of a quarantine camp and return to the ruins of their former school. Nam-ra informs the group that there are a few others like her, and she promises to return before falling off the roof and leaving the others wondering. The 12th episode left us with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger that makes it impossible to wait for Season 2.

How to Watch All of Us Are Dead?

All of Us Are Dead is available to stream on Netflix.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2

Fortunately, All of Us Are Dead Season 2 has been confirmed. The series’ renewal was announced on the 1st day of Geeked Week 2022.

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