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Why is Adventure Beast Canceled? Adventure Beast Season 2 News!

Adventure Beast Season 2 News
Adventure Beast Season 2 News

What will happen to Adventure Beast Season 2? Many fans of this adult animation TV series about animals are questioning if there will ever be an Adventure Beast Season 2, and we agree that they deserve an answer.

Adventure Beast debuted on Netflix in 2021 and this adult animated comedy TV series chronicles the escapades of Bradly Trevor Greive who was a military veteran who later transformed into a wildlife specialist, and this character provides us with amazing adventures. He and his senior field assistant, Dietrich, as well as his niece Bonnie are the main characters of the show and they are researching wildlife habitats all over the world. We expect all of them to return for Adventure Beast Season 2.

Mark Gravas and Bradley Trevor Greive devised Adventure Beast, while Brian France wrote the script and their works cannot be overlooked. As you might guess from the character and creator’s names, this animated TV program is based on the real-life work of showrunner Bradley Trevor Greive.

Adventure Beast characters

Adventure Beast characters

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Greive is an author, comedian, and wildlife specialist who presented us with this amazing program. Josh Zuckerman, Danice Cabanela, Bradley Trevor Grieve, Piotr Michael, and Rachel Butera were among the voice actors for the animated series and we can say that they were just the right pick for the job.

The first season of Adventure Beast consists of 12 episodes, each lasting around 16 to 20 minutes, so it can be a short watch for the ones who love animation shows. This program is also informative as it teaches us various animal information in a humorous manner, and it has garnered a lot of acclaim and applause for it.

People say that Adventure Beast Season 1 was a fun and instructive animated series that takes advantage of its star’s innate goofiness, and we are expecting the Adventure Beast Season 2 to go on with the same idea.

Will there be a Season 2 of Adventure Beast?

Adventure Beast on Netflix

Adventure Beast on Netflix

The educational mockumentary series follows a naturalist, his assistant, and his niece as they attempt to conserve nature, but they discover that not all animals want to be saved, adding a twist to the plot. The series garnered mixed reviews from consumers, and the show has a current IMDb rating of 5.2. On IMDb, it was the 1,652nd most popular project some time after its release.

The future of Adventure Beast has been kept under wraps since the release of the episodes, and it is rumored that the series was discreetly terminated behind the scenes. Some sources claim that the program has not been renewed by Netflix and would not be returning, so we will not be able to watch Adventure Beast Season 2. While Netflix did not formally cancel the program, they said that the streaming platform has no plans to develop Adventure Beast Season 2.

Of course, Netflix might change its mind so do not lose your hopes in Adventure Beast Season 2. We are hoping that they will renew the program for future seasons, but the timing for that happening is doubtful. The announcement from Netflix came after the news of The Midnight Gospel’s cancelation.

Adventure Beast will be added to the list of canceled Netflix Originals for 2022, but there is still a possibility for Adventure Beast Season 2 to be produced.

Is Adventure Beast a kids’ show?

Bradley Trevor Greive

Bradley Trevor Greive

As of June 2022, neither the production team nor Netflix have officially renewed Adventure Beast Season 2, but Season 1 ended on a major cliffhanger, so we are still hopeful that Adventure Beast Season 2 will be here soon. While viewers are asking for a 2nd season, there are many who have not heard about Adventure Beast, so they are wondering whether it is a kids’ show or not.

Adventure Beast is an adult-themed animated Netflix original series, so it is not for kids. The show follows a zoologist and wildlife specialist with his niece and a field assistant. Many people who have already binge-watched the 12 episodes of the show are wondering if Adventure Beast Season 2 will hit the screens for adults.

Is Adventure Beast funny?

Adventure Beast poster

Adventure Beast poster

There are many reviews of this show that claim every episode of this sitcom had them laughing so hard since it is so brilliantly written. The entire ensemble is hilarious and brought the performance to life and Danice Cabanela is incredibly amusing in the program.

Even though the 1st episode is not very inviting, as the program progresses, it becomes more enjoyable, as one viewer claims. The characters are really rather lovable, and there are still lots of good gags among the many mistakes. The show’s frantic speed, frequently shifting landscape, and animal information make it just a tad instructive.

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