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6 Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano – What to Watch If You Are an Anime Fan?

Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano
Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano is a successful anime series that has been followed with interest since its release. Due to its subject, it has a series of events that arouse curiosity in many people. A BL anime series called Sasaki to Miyano tells the heartfelt love tale of two high school students. The main character, a BL enthusiast, introduces an upper-level student to the world of Boys Love manga. Their friendship becomes a blooming attraction as they become closer to their shared passion.  

Miyano is a student at an all-boys high school, secretly obsessed with the Boy’s Love genre. He’s comfortable joking with his friends about BL and shipping them with other guys. Despite his passion for this fictional genre, Miyano insists he isn’t attracted to men. The more they chat, the more Sasaki realizes he has developed an attraction for him.  

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For those who love Sasaki and Miyano, we wanted to share similar series with you.  

1. Sukisho  

The main characters of Sukisho are high school students Fujimori Sunao, who recently transferred to the same school after going missing for years, and Hashiba Sora, who lost all of his memories after falling out of a fourth-story window. Sora encounters Ran, Sunao’s second personality, soon after being discharged from the hospital.   

Ran claims that Sora also shares his body with Yoru, who also happens to be Ran’s boyfriend, even though he seems to despise Sora. Sadly, Yoru and Ran frequently leave the house while Sora and Sunao sleep and tend to make the most of their time together. Insanity and laughter follow.  

Sukisho, although having a distinct BL theme, also contains many elements of a mystery show as it attempts to uncover the truth behind Sora and Sunao’s mysterious and troubled past. More proof that Sora’s fall was not accidental, that Yoru and Ran are not who they seem to be, and some darker themes from their time as childhood friends are revealed as the program goes on. Another group is also lurking in the shadows.  

Sukisho - Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

Sukisho – Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

2. The Untamed  

Two teenage paladins at odds with one another are the subject of the fantasy novel The Untamed, set in ancient China. They appear to be hostile classmates in flashbacks. One of them is a charming lousy lad who disobeys the rules. The other is the calm and exemplary embodiment of wuxia manhood. Until they become involved in a bloody power struggle between the clans, their relationship is characterized by teasing and annoying incidents.  

They remain united until the lousy boy becomes a notorious demonologist and is sought after by all clans. The “good one” is compelled to follow his clan after failing to prevent his friend’s tragic death. The bad boy returns 16 years later for unexplained reasons, seemingly unharmed. They reunite and work together to uncover the truth about the evil events in their past. Both learn that people, including themselves, aren’t always what they seem.  

The Untamed - Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

The Untamed – Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

3. Yuri on Ice  

A Japanese sports anime television program about figure skating is called Yuri!!! On Ice. This MAPPA-produced animation has writing and direction by Sayo Yamamoto, character designs by Tadashi Hiramatsu, music by Taro Umebayashi and Taku Matsushiba, and figure skating choreography by Kenji Miyamoto.  

After suffering a humiliating loss in the ISU Grand Prix Final in Sochi, Russia, Yuuri Katsuki, a Japanese figure skater, is the subject of the television show Yuri!!! On Ice. Yuuri visits an ice rink and flawlessly imitates Russian figure skater Victor Nikiforov’s free skate program from the current season while he struggles with his sentiments for figure skating and other issues in his life. When a video of Yuuri’s performance is posted online, Victor is drawn to it and decides to take a season off to coach Yuuri and lead him to victory in the Grand Prix Final.  

Yuri on Ice - Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

Yuri on Ice – Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

4. Given  

Given appears to have a straightforward premise. This anime series centers on a bunch of guys who become a band. Underneath the eye-catching visuals and cool guitar riffs, you’ll find a bigger, more personal story as you delve deeper into the series.  

The main plot of this BL anime takes a while to develop, but it’s an emotional journey that will make you cry. Given almost achieves perfection when it reaches its climax toward the end.  

Given - Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

Given – Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

5. Bloom Into You  

Nio Nakatani created the yuri manga Bloom Into You. The original manga’s serialization ran from April 2015 until September 2019, when it was completed. The TROYCA-produced anime version aired from October 5 through December 28, 2018.  

Yuu Koito and Touko Nanami, two female high school students, are the story’s main characters. They focus on their relationship as they grow to know one another better through their shared experiences.  

Bloom Into You - Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

Bloom Into You – Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

6. Kimi ni Todoke  

Japanese romance manga author Karuho Shiina is the author of Kimi ni Todoke. Kuronuma Sawako, the main character of this tale, is known among her classmates as Sadako (the ghost girl from “The Ring”) because of her spooky appearance and behavior.   

From a distance, she admires Kazehaya-kun since he is “100% refreshing” and has a magnetic personality. In contrast to her expressions, she wants to socialize and live like a regular student. She gradually begins to influence people close to her, especially Kazehaya-kun. 

Kimi ni Todoke - Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

Kimi ni Todoke – Shows Like Sasaki and Miyano

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