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5 Movies Like The Curse of Bridge Hollow – What to Watch If You Are a Bridge Hollow Fan?

5 Movies Like The Curse of Bridge Hollow
5 Movies Like The Curse of Bridge Hollow

The Curse of Bridge Hollow is a Netflix family-themed adventure comedy, and it follows Sydney and her father, Howard, as they battle a great evil in the namesake village, but are there other movies like The Curse of Bridge Hollow? Jeff Wadlow directed the film, which investigates the Irish tale of Stingy Jack, and Sydney is shown unleashing the spirit of Stingy Jack on Bridge Hollow and collaborating with Howard to recover it.

The journey brings the father and daughter closer together and reignites their enthusiasm for Halloween, and if you liked the movie, you’re probably browsing for more similar streaming alternatives. In such a case, we’ve compiled a list of movies like The Curse of Bridge Hollow and the majority of these films are available on various streaming websites.

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1. Trick ‘r Treat

Trick 'r Treat

Trick ‘r Treat

Michael Dougherty wrote and directed the anthology horror comedy film Trick ‘r Treat, and it offers 4 separate stories that are tied together by Sam, a trick-or-treater wearing orange footie pajamas and carrying a burlap sack. On Halloween, he roams the streets, tormenting anybody who violates Halloween rules, so the film hits a nice mix between horror and comedy, resulting in a great final product. As a result, some viewers may be reminded of our newly released movie, making Trick ‘r Treat one of the movies like The Curse of Bridge Hollow.

2. Halloweentown



The Halloween-obsessed community of Bridge Hollow is featured in the movie, and if you want to visit a comparable imaginary setting with vivid inhabitants and bizarre rituals, you should watch Halloweentown. Duwayne Dunham directed the Disney original film, which follows Marnie, who realizes she is a witch on her 13th birthday, and it is definitely among the movies like The Curse of Bridge Hollow.

Marnie activates a hidden portal and is sent to Halloweentown, where she quickly finds herself fighting nasty ghouls, so the film is a Halloween celebration that takes a lighthearted approach to the frequently self-serious supernatural components of horror.

3. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus

This is without a doubt the finest Halloween film ever made, and it had to be on this list of movies like The Curse of Bridge Hollow. Viewers like the idea of the town being based in Salem since it’s a really eerie place to live and is usually creepy and foreboding in the autumn, and this movie will satisfy those needs. Sarah Sanderson was very cringy at times, she adored males and freaked out whenever she spotted one, but she was full of energy and oddly entertaining at times.

In this movie, Winifred Sanderson was also rather amusing and iconic, with her bunny fangs, gorgeous hair, and stunning gown. Max Dennison was one of those nice kids from California, but the fact that he was picked on and tormented by these beyond-embarrassing long-haired guys made no sense to some.

We think Hocus Pocus could be a good recommendation for the ones who are looking for movies like The Curse of Bridge Hollow for some obvious comedic and Halloween-themed reasons.

4. Nightbooks



Nightbooks is a new Netflix original kids’ fantasy-horror film based on the same-named novel: in the film, Alex, who enjoys writing scary stories, becomes trapped in a wicked witch’s enchanted apartment and discovers that the only way to survive is to recite spine-chilling horror stories. So he tempts another prisoner and himself to flee from the witch, and even though some didn’t like the opening few minutes since so much was occurring, they began to enjoy the film after it got back on track.

Because this is a children’s horror film, the scary moments are all family-friendly, although some of them may be frightening to younger viewers, however, we think it is one of the movies like The Curse of Bridge Hollow. The film even demonstrates that the original versions of certain treasured classic stories were darker than the versions we recognized and that may be very upsetting to tiny children.

5. Phantom Pups

Phantom Pups

Phantom Pups

Looking for movies like The Curse of Bridge Hollow? Phantom Pups is about three puppies, Lewey, Chewey, and Booey, on one Halloween. They go into Maplecrest Manor in search of goodies, as the house’s owner, Madame Maples, is having a seance to summon the deceased’s pets to join them. The 3 puppies disrupt the seance, leading the circle to be broken and an evil spirit known as Grim to be released, and as a result of striking a pact after succumbing to his appeal, they are converted into ghosts.

Thirty years later, after previous tenants were driven away by the three puppies, the Hazel family buys the mansion to repair up and ends up making friends with the youngsters called Freddie and Mimi. We think this movie had to be on our list of movies like The Curse of Bridge Hollow since they are similar in terms of reflecting the warmth of Halloween somehow.

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