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5 Movies Like Look Both Ways – What to Watch Until Look Both Ways 2?

Movies Like Look Both Ways
Movies Like Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways, starring Lili Reinhart, appears to have just lately appeared on Netflix. The new name conveys Natalie’s story, a young girl whose life is divided into two parallel realms.

Look Both Ways follows Natalie, a high school student who has a one-night encounter with a buddy the night before college graduation, as the synopsis describes. After taking a pregnancy test, Natalie’s life abruptly separates into two different parallels.

Her life path is depicted in one reality based on a positive pregnancy test. In order to live with her parents while they raise their child, Natalie returns to her hometown with her partner Gabe.

Well, if you finished this movie in one fell swoop, what can you watch now? In this article, we shared movies like Look Both Ways with you.

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1. Me Time

John Hamburg will soon release the American comedy flick Me Time, which he will also direct. Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, and Regina Hall are its main actors. Netflix is planning to premiere the movie on August 26, 2022.

While his wife and children are abroad, a stay-at-home dad has some “me time” for the first time in years. He meets up with his former best friend again for a wild weekend that almost destroys him.

On Friday, August 26, 2022, the comedy film will debut on Netflix, so mark your calendars and make time for it.

Me Time - Movies Like Look Both Ways

Me Time – Movies Like Look Both Ways

2. Not Waving but Drowning

Vanessa Ray and Megan Guinan star in the drama film Not Waving But Drowning (2012), directed by Devyn Waitt. In filmmaker Devyn Waitt’s feature-length companion piece to the short film, The Most Girl Part of You, a small-town girl (Vanessa Ray) travels to New York City and laments being separated from her closest friend (Megan Guinan) while forming fulfilling new relationships (2011).

The title refers to a poem by English poet Stevie Smith of the same name, in which a deceased man chastises living people for failing to see or understand the events that led to his death.

Sara, Adele’s best friend, is stranded in their dull village when Adele, leaving small-town life in her wake, relocates with excitement to New York City. As they navigate their new relationships despite being apart for the first time in their lives, the film captures ephemeral feelings with lovely background music sequences.

Not Waving but Drowning - Movies Like Look Both Ways

Not Waving but Drowning – Movies Like Look Both Ways

3. The Kings of Summer

The American coming-of-age comedy-drama The Kings of Summer, directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts in 2013, stars Nick Offerman, Moisés Arias, Gabriel Basso, and Nick Robinson. The movie had its world premiere on January 19, 2013, at the Sundance Film Festival, and on May 31, 2013, CBS Films distributed it in a limited run.

On the edge of maturity, Joe Toy is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his single father, Frank, attempts to govern his life. After a family game night ends with Joe calling the cops on Frank for the wrong reasons, he pledges to be free for good. He flees to a clearing in the woods with his closest buddy, Patrick, and a weird boy named Biaggio, where he constructs a house free of duty and parents. A month later, Joe lives alone in the woods, and a snake invades his hut after he swallows a rabbit. He attempts to kill the snake with his machete but is bitten by it instead and collapses, becoming violently ill.

The Kings of Summer - Movies Like Look Both Ways

The Kings of Summer – Movies Like Look Both Ways

4. Miss Stevens

In her first major motion picture, Julia Hart directed the 2016 American comedy-drama Miss Stevens. Hart and Jordan Horowitz wrote the screenplay. The cast members are Lily Rabe, Timothée Chalamet, Lili Reinhart, Anthony Quintal, Oscar Nunez, and Rob Huebel. A teacher chaperones a few high school students to a weekend state theater competition, which is central to the storyline.

Rachel Stevens (Lily Rabe) is a 29-year-old English teacher from California who agrees to accompany three of her pupils to a theatre competition. Margot forgets her speech from A Streetcar Named Desire during the first round of competition, and Rachel soothes her.

Billy asks her if she is a lesbian, as was hinted at during dinner, and she replies that the conversation has turned inappropriate. In one particularly awkward scene, Billy barges his way into Rachel’s room and tries to cheer her up by jumping on her bed. The students hatch a scheme to get Billy to do the makeup test for The Great Gatsby that he was meant to do before attending an awards ceremony.

Miss Stevens - Movies Like Look Both Ways

Miss Stevens – Movies Like Look Both Ways

5. Galveston

Mélanie Laurent’s 2018 thriller Galveston is an American work. It is based on Nic Pizzolatto’s novel of the same name and was written under the pen name Jim Hammett. It centers on a dying hitman (Ben Foster) who escapes a trap and travels to the title town to get retribution by bringing a little girl his master had stolen (Elle Fanning).

Galveston - Movies Like Look Both Ways

Galveston – Movies Like Look Both Ways

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