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365 Days 4 Release Date, Trailer – Will There Be a 4th 365 Days Movie?

365 Days 4 Release Date, Trailer
365 Days 4 Release Date, Trailer

When the 1st 365 Days film debuted on Netflix in 2020, we knew it would be a huge hit, and here we are talking about the release of 365 Days 4. The movie rapidly captured the attention of viewers all around the world thanks to its passionate sex scenes, but the captivating twists and turns are also responsible for its popularity.

The long-awaited sequel, 365 Days: The End, was released in April 2022 and swiftly followed by The Next 365 Days, which is rumored to conclude the trilogy. Let’s find out when will we be able to watch 365 Days 4. What can fans anticipate from 365 Days 4, the 4th movie of the sexy series?

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365 Days 4 Release Date



The 365 Days film series featured the adventures of Laura Biel and Massimo Torricelli, a Sicilian crime leader. Massimo kidnapped Laura and pledged to hold her captive for 365 days until she fell in love, presenting a controversial plot. Despite the strange circumstances around the start of their relationship, Laura begins to develop affection for Massimo. We then watched how the two marry at the start of the 2nd 365 Days movie for our surprise.

365 Days: This Day, on the other hand, concluded on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, with Laura dying of her injuries after being wounded. It all happened during a gunfight between her husband Massimo and his deceitful twin brother, Adriano. Laura is back on her feet in The Next 365 Days thanks to the work of a quick-thinking doctor, but her problems are far from finished. We know her love for Massimo hangs in the balance.



Their love affair has never been easy and has been fraught with trust issues from the start, and the arrival of Nacho, a hot young gardener made things worse. Nacho is disclosed to be the son of a rival gang leader and continues to threaten to complicate things even more. He desires to win over Laura himself and will do anything to keep her and Massimo off from each other, and looks like he will win this fight.

But the question is, when will we watch 365 Days 4? 365 Days 3 was made accessible on Netflix on Friday, August 19, 2022, and the film, like other Netflix releases, will be available at the same time throughout the world.

You can watch the trailer of 365 Days 3 down below while waiting for the release of 365 Days 4.

We are sad to announce that there are no plans for 365 Days 4 in the 365 Days series at this time. This is due to the fact that the Netflix film franchise is based on a trilogy of books, and with the last movie, we have reached the conclusion of the accessible source material, as the film adapts the final novel in the series, which concludes the complicated journey. However, as the 3rd and last film in the 365 Days series, audiences can expect plenty more surprises for Laura and Massimo.

Who does Laura end up with in the books?

According to the Goodreads page, series fans are upset by the series’ conclusion. Laura has a miscarriage, she is battling an alcohol addiction, and Nacho, her second mafia boss boyfriend, provides her with a heart transplant. Massimo murders Laura’s dog and kidnaps her again and attempts to conceive her, but Laura eventually flees with Nacho and then becomes pregnant.

While Massimo is portrayed as a romantic lead, his actions reveal his rotten core as he reveals himself to be a controlling, vengeful spouse, and we would not expect him to change in 365 Days 4.

Does Massimo cheat?



The entire concept of the 365 Days franchise is Massimo’s relentless, obsessive, and technically unlawful pursuit of Laura. The movies include a party scene in which Laura observes Massimo getting intimate with Anna while he is unaware she is looking, and this causes Laura to flee with her handsome gardener Nacho.

Did Massimo really cheat on Laura? No, because that person was the unmentioned identical twin brother Adriano. It was a really shocking ending, clearing Massimo’s name, but he is still a mafia leader and has been charged with kidnapping, coercion, and a slew of other crimes. However, viewers may be confident that he is not a cheater and the sequel explains why Massimo never mentions his own identical twin brother to his wife.

He doesn’t get along with his brother, and he doesn’t try to explain why none of Massimo’s acquaintances, colleagues, employers, or relatives ever hinted at Adriano’s existence, and this makes it much simpler for Adriano to kidnap Anna at the conclusion of the film. If 365 Days 4 were to happen, we would expect Adriano and Nacho to work together on a plot that would disturb our couple.

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