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365 Days 2 News! – Don Massimo and Laura Break Up!

365 Days 2
365 Days 2

We are sure you are up for 365 Days 2 news as Michelle Morrone’s 365 Days returns for Part 2. 365 Days 2 or 365 Days: This Day is the sequel to the 2020 smash film, and it was recently released for the public eye. 365 Days 2 is directed by Barbara Biaows and Tomasz Mandes and produced by Mandes, Ewa Lewandowska, and Maciej Kawulski just like the original one.

The movies are all based on Polish author Blanka Lipiska’s trilogy and the movies managed to be a worldwide smash as a consequence of Netflix’s releases. Netflix acted quickly to commission a 2nd and 3rd movie, which was the right choice for them because viewers just loved the movies.

Blanka Lipinska who is the author of the book series has also worked on 365 Days 2 which recently became available on Netflix, and she will continue to work for the 3rd movie. Now, let’s dive into the news of 365 Days 2!

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365 Days 2

Laura and Massimo

Laura and Massimo

We are announcing that more information about the Netflix film 365 Days 2 is now available for the fans. In the 2nd movie, we watched the continuation of the tale of Laura and Massimo’s love affair, with a mysterious man joining them.

The movie falls into the genre of a sexual thriller and it was set in Sicily with the events of the evolution of Laura and Massimo’s relationship. Massimo is a Sicilian crime lord who kidnaps and imprisons her and forces her to fall in love with him and it was surprising to know that the film was eventually canceled from the production plan because of the unethical themes and messages.

The movie was criticized harshly for being an amateurish attempt to be a replica of the Fifty Shades of Grey film series, but 365 Days managed to be a hit series thanks to its release on Netflix. Even though the discouraging criticisms, Netflix has confirmed both the 2nd and 3rd movies to be produced in the future.

365 Days 2 Ending Explained



365 Days 2 is heavily influenced by Fifty Shades of Grey and that is the truth. If you want to watch another movie about a dominant guy who falls in love with the so-called woman of his dreams and is willing to do anything to get her, you should watch 365 Days 2.

Massimo, our dominant guy, is an Italian criminal whose father dies unexpectedly and the only thing he wants to do is to escape from the stressful situations his father’s death brought.

We witness Laura refusing to accompany Massimo when he commands her to do so and Laura continued to be uninterested in Massimo throughout the movie. But through the end of the 2nd movie, we watched these two getting married and having a good time. However, the following movie will focus on how Laura will be kidnapped again by another mafia member.



They abduct Laura when Massimo is meeting with Don Matos at the end and Nacho will act as if he is helping Massimo but later the entire conspiracy will be revealed, and Laura will lose her baby when she was trying to flee. Anna is the one who will shoot her while Nacho keeps his pistol to Massimo’s head.

Who knows, maybe these two will be together and Massimo will have to face the harsh truth that Laura did not actually fall in love with him. You can watch the trailer of the 2nd movie below.

365 Days Songs

If you are wondering about the operatic song that plays when the title 365 Days rises, it is Morrone singing “Hard For Me.” Another song is a bass-heavy one that gets hot during the shower scene and it is also Morrone’s song called “Watch Me Burn.”

All four tracks that you have heard in 365 Days movies are from Morrone’s new album Dark Room and one of the songs, “Do It Like That,” was inspired by the scene where Massimo and Laura were having a hot debate.

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