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Van Helsing Season 6 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Van Helsing Season 6 Release Date, Trailer
Van Helsing Season 6 Release Date, Trailer

Van Helsing Season 6’s future is the concern of many Van Helsing fans nowadays, particularly those who watch the show on Netflix and follow the news. We are sure that you are one of them and eager to learn about any Van Helsing Season 6 release date updates we will offer in a bit.

With a quick wrap-up, the thrilling supernatural adventure of Van Helsing is inspired by the graphic novel series with the same name. With the Netflix show, we got the chance to watch a show that masterfully follows Vanessa Van Helsing’s life. Vanessa is the descendant of the great vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing and through the show we watched her revive from death. But what for? After she came back to the real world, she learned that all her ancestors did was in vain because those creatures they have fought before have taken over the world. Of course, the only thing that makes sense for her is to act fast and kill them all.

Van Helsing has Tekken actor Kelly Overton in its cast and it debuted on Syfy in 2016 by receiving amazing feedback and comments right after the release. Of course, it was a collaborative work of the creators, The Hollywood Reporter and Den of Geek, the last two constantly praising the show non-stop. Let’s not forget the show has received multiple nominations and one prize from the Leo Awards.

Considering the love from the viewers and the positive criticism, Van Helsing Season 6 is most likely to happen in the future. But when? Let’s check it out down below.

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Van Helsing Season 6



In December 2019, Van Helsing’s renewal for the 5th season was enough the make the viewers of the show happy for a season-long but the bad news was, it would also serve as the show’s farewell tour since Season 5 was effectively the conclusion to the Vanessa Van Helsing’s tale in the creator’s opinion.

Considering this official information, fans must come to terms with the fact that the show has reached its conclusion and that Van Helsing Season 6 is most likely will not be on the horizon for at least 3 years from now on.

There is no official date for the release of a future season, so it’d be nonsense to talk about the number of episodes for Van Helsing Season 6. We could do it if the creators and producers decided to shoot further episodes, which is improbable at this moment. With no renewal in sight, for now, it is doubtful that the program will be renewed for further seasons, and if the situation changes, we are sure Netflix would let us know.

Van Helsing Netflix



You can watch Van Helsing through Netflix and all seasons are accessible on Netflix’s streaming apps and website. If Van Helsing Season 6 gets produced, we anticipate that it will also be available on the same platforms.

We don’t recommend pirating Van Helsing since watching a movie or web series on any pirate website is completely illegal and dangerous, so try watching Helsing on legal apps such as Syfy and Netflix.

Van Helsing Cast



With logic and experience from the last seasons, we are expecting to watch Kelly Overton as Vanessa Van Helsing, Jonathan Scarfe as Axel Miller, Aleks Paunovic as Julius, Rukiya Bernard as Doc, Vincent Gale as Flesh, Christopher Heyerdahl as Sam, Jennifer Cheon Garcia as Ivory, Jesse Stanley as Oracle, Trezzo Mahoro as Mohamad, Rowland Pidlubny as Scab, Keeya King as Violet, and Nicole Munoz as Jack in Van Helsing Season 6.

Van Helsing Season 5 Ending Explained

from Van Helsing Season 5

from Van Helsing Season 5

In the Van Helsing tradition, vampires, particularly the Elders, are hunted down by the vampire slayers and at the end of Season 5, we witnessed Vanessa defeating Dracula in the final fight that made us hold our breaths. We later figured out that she can transform all vampires back into humans thanks to her special skill called Dark One that resides in her body.

The skill called Dark One was imprisoned inside Vanessa, and this time it caused a near-death coma for her. Knowing that she is the messiah of her people, she had to use this power to bring peace to her world. We do not expect any Van Helsing Season 6 at the moment, but if the tale continues, we are expecting to see what lies for Vanessa in the future, especially considering that she is extremely powerful now.

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