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Vampires Netflix Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Vampires Season 2
Vampires Season 2

If you are wondering about the future of Netflix’s Vampires, you will probably ask whether there will be a Vampires Season 2 or not. Vampire shows started to gain popularity after the release of the Twilight franchise and the Vampire Diaries, and if you like those books and movies, you will enjoy Netflix’s Vampires without a doubt.

If you were thinking that the Vampires show has a cliche plot like the other vampire shows we have mentioned above, you are wrong! Because in this series, unlike in previous vampire franchises, people turn into vampires as a result of a virus that got out of hand and turned into a pandemic in the world. We are hoping that this originality will be continued in Vampires Season 2 and the show will meet with the fans once more.

We got to know the French drama-fantasy-horror series when it has premiered on Netflix in Spring 2021 and now we are on the wait for Vampires Season 2. The show quickly gained a large fan base after the initial release, and that huge group of people is demanding Vampires Season 2. Let’s find out what happens to Vampires now that the series has ended on a very intriguing cliffhanger, which was an indication for a future season.

Is Vampires Season 2 on the way to meet with the viewers? Here is all we know about the possibility of a new season!

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Vampires Netflix Season 2

Ladislas Nemeth and Doina Radescu

Ladislas Nemeth and Doina Radescu

We are sad to announce that Vampires Season 2 has yet to be renewed by Netflix and currently there is no information related to the release date of the program. The show was rumored to be available on Netflix on March 20, 2020, but no such thing happened. The streaming giant Netflix frequently scrutinizes a show’s success throughout its first 30 days on the platform, and Vampires Season 2 not being released till now might indicate that it will never hit the screen.

However, all hope is not lost because there are times when Netflix waits many months before making a choice, so there might still be a chance for Vampires Season 2 to be produced.

What Will Vampires Season 2 be About?

Doina Radescu and Martha Radescu

Doina Radescu and Martha Radescu

The 1st season of Vampires consisted of six episodes, and the series was set in Paris, following the events that Dona (Oulaya Amamra), a half-human, half-vampire adolescent has. She was mostly dealing with her new talents after getting infected with the virus, later she has faced family conflict and a hidden vampire community that stalks her.

Vampires was based on a Thierry Jonquet novel and created by Benjamin Dupas, which was also a great hit as a book form. Netflix seems to be into the show they created and was able to describe the show in accordance with its true nature: threatening, subtle, and horrifying.

We expect Vampires Season 2 to follow a similar storyline and keep being threatening, subtle, and horrifying in the future. You can watch the trailer of the 1st season below:

Is Netflix Vampires French?

After the BBC and Netflix collaboration on Dracula, Vampires hit the streaming site with a great impact. However, the first release of the show divided bloodthirsty fans on whether it was a proper portrayal of the classic vampire figure.

Vampires is actually a French series and it actually had to work extra hard to win the love of the fans since it followed a different storyline than the usual vampire shows. Some people claim that even the description of the show was enough to make them roll their eyes with boredom, but we think it is a series that is worth watching when you have nothing to do.

Vampires 2020 Cast

Vampires Netflix

Vampires Netflix

As there have been no formal announcements as of yet, Vampires Season 2 cast will be difficult to predict without an official announcement of its renewal but we can talk about the previous cast members.

Even if there was a possibility for the new season, considering the fact that there has been no news about the future of the show, more delays are extremely probable. For the time being, all we can do is wait for Vampires Season 2.

On the other hand, we want to talk a little bit about the Vampires’ cast in 2020 because it had some very bright actors starring in it. We have mentioned Oulaya Amamra as the main character who is 23 years old and has previously won a Cesar for best actress for her work in Divines (2007). In addition to this successful actor, the series stars Suzanna Clément (Laurence Anyways, Mama), Kate Moran (Saint Laurent), and Aliocha Schneider (Monster Closet) and we think they all together managed to create an amazing show that keeps the fans on the edge.

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