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Ultraman Season 3 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Ultraman Season 3 Release Date, Trailer
Ultraman Season 3 Release Date, Trailer

Ultraman Season 3 might be on the way and fans are curious about the show which began as an attempt in combining the tropes of the enormous monster in movies and a giant hero. Ultraman Season 3 might be one of the topics that are trending today since it became one of the most known figures in today’s pop culture media for obvious reasons.

We knew the 1st Ultraman in 1960 as a person who dressed totally in red and silver armor and was a totally distinguishing uniform. What made this hero different was a blue button in the center of his outfit that he used to make himself bigger in size so he could fight the monsters in Japan.

Ultraman on Netflix

Ultraman on Netflix

Like Batman, Ultraman also wears a helmet with two enormous yellow eyes to shield his face from the general public, and that is where people recognize his persona. Even more, if you are familiar with the Marvel universe, the outfit of Ant-Man was inspired by Ultraman’s, and even the director of the Ant-Man movies expressed his adoration for the anime series.

In the series, Ultraman has some stances such as the Specium Ray and Color Timer; even more, they go so well with his renowned slogan ‘Shuwatchi’. Thanks to all these aspects of the show, Ultraman was a big sensation all throughout Asia in the 1980s.

If you think you had enough historical talk, let’s dive into the news of a possible Ultraman Season 3.

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Ultraman Season 3

6 Ultra Brothers

6 Ultra Brothers

No one from Netflix or from the development team of the show announced any information related to the future Ultraman Season 3’s release date. Our best guess is, it will be released somewhere around 2023, as stated in the video below. However, as we said before, nothing official is on the agenda yet.

Why we are even attempting to guess the next season’s release date? Because there is no reason for Netflix to not extend the anime for a 3rd season. Can you come up with any reasons? Absolutely can’t, we know right!

The only thing that could stay in the way of Ultraman Season 3’s way is the scarcity of manga material is still an issue. However, 2nd season lasted only 6 episodes, and some anime discussion forums are thinking that the reason for the short seasons was to divide the manga into brief but effective installments.

In the video below, you can find the official announcement related to the Ultraman’s future.

Is the Ultraman anime good?

This question is rather controversial because some people prefer to watch the Ultraman Gaia series because of the decent fight scenes while some believe the Netflix show had a unique perspective. There are many fans who love the Netflix series since it offers a break from the usual Ultraman fare, so we recommend giving it a chance.

Another comment was related to how the series was not bad but it did not satisfy the fans quite enough. Our personal opinion is that if you’re a fan of manga reading, the manga is better but, other than that, the Netflix episodes appear to be visually appealing to the anime community.

Ultraman Season 2 Poster

Ultraman Season 2 Poster

Another thing that bothered the fans was how there weren’t any giants, but rather men in mech suits because Ultraman is a massive extraterrestrial united with a human, not a man in a metal suit. Anyways, we have respect for the series since it is closely following the manga’s storyline and we hope creators will do the same in the future for Ultraman Season 3.

Ultraman Manga

It is not difficult to come up with a plot for Ultraman Season 3, because the other seasons were about the manga of the same name. Nearly all of the Ultraman shows were inspired by the Ultraman manga series written by Eiichi Shimizu and illustrated by Tomohiro Shimoguchi so we are expecting the same for Ultraman Season 3.

These two are most known for the mecha manga called Linebarrels of Iron, and since October 2011, their story has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Monthly Hero magazine, which helped to get Ultraman’s name known worldwide.

What we liked the most about the manga is that the plot is continuously unfolding, and we do not think that the manga will ever end. VIZ Media is releasing the official English translation of the Ultraman manga in North America for the ones who are interested in it, so you better check it out if you are a manga person.

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