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That 90s Show Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

That 90s Show Release Date, Trailer - Is it Canceled?
That 90s Show Release Date, Trailer - Is it Canceled?

16 years after the end of the iconic sitcom That 70s Show, there are serious rumors about a spinoff called That 90s Show. The original show, airing from 1998 to 2006, focused on the lives of 6 teenagers living in Wisconsin in the 1970s. The teenagers hang out in the basement of Eric Forman’s house, where he lives with his dad, a conservative war veteran who constantly insults his son; his mom, a cheerful and doting nurse; and his big sister, a promiscuous and manipulative young woman.

Everything about That 70s Show, we love, and we missed. We would watch a spinoff without wincing. Let’s see now if the rumors are true.

Is there a That 90s Show?

Last year, a new spinoff to the original sitcom, called That 90s Show, was announced. It turns out the spinoff will be 10-episode long and released on Netflix. More importantly, the show will have Red and Kitty, Eric’s mom and dad, back in the same house. So, the actors playing the roles, Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp, will be reprising their roles.

According to the show’s premise, it will take place in the house of Red and Kitty, but this time, the teenagers will consist of entirely new cast members. The spinoff will be about Leia Forman, Eric and Donna’s daughter, visiting her grandparents in 1995. We will watch her make new friends and new memories.

The spinoff is currently being filmed at Netflix’s headquarters in California in front of a live audience (as you can see in the above pictures). The filming started on February 7 and is expected to continue until June 24, so the show’s release date is likely going to be early 2023. We believe the series will be available on Netflix in January or February 2023.

Who will be returning for That 90s Show?

Which That 70s Show Cast Members Will Return for That 90s Show?

Who will be in That 90s Show Cast?

Many actors from the original show announced that they will be in That 90s Show cast. Apart from Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp, 5 of the 6 teenagers will come back as their adult versions. These include Topher Grace (Eric Forman), Ashton Kutcher (Michael Kelso), Laura Prepon (Donna Pinciotti), Wilmer Valderrama (Fez), and Mila Kunis (Jackie Burkhart). Unfortunately, as the new teenagers will be the show’s main characters, the old group will only be there as guest actors.

You may have noticed that Danny Masterson, who played Steven Hyde, is not on the list of actors returning to their role. Masterson will not be returning to the show as 5 women claimed in 2017 that Masterson sexually assaulted them in the early 2000s. Masterson was charged in 2020 with allegedly raping 3 women, but he pleaded not guilty. His trial is set to begin in August 2022.

A few weeks ago, another actor from the original series, Tommy Chong (who played Leo, the hippie who owned the Foto Hut where Hyde worked), announced that he was returning to reprise his role.

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How did that 70s show end?

That 70s Show

That 70s Show

For those who may not remember how That 70s Show ended, here is a brief recap of the final episode: The final episode of the series takes place on the last day of 1979 when Eric and Kelso return to spend some time with their friends and family (both of them left the show after the 7th season but came back for the final episode). Eric and Donna have an emotional reunion, but it’s not clear if they get back together. Red and Kitty give up moving to Florida and decide to stay in Wisconsin. Jackie and Fez end up together. The gang has a final circle in the basement where they recount their decade.

After they do the circle, the gang is supposed to go upstairs to the final countdown for the upcoming new year. Eric says whoever is the last to run up the stairs has to call Red “dumbass,” and Kelso is the last one. He takes the stupid helmet with him and goes upstairs. As the final countdown starts, we see the basement empty for the 1st time in the show’s history, and when the countdown hits 1, the screen shows the car plate for the last time, which reads “That 70s Show” along with the year ’80.

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