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Solo Leveling Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

Solo Leveling Release Date, Trailer
Solo Leveling Release Date, Trailer

Today’s question is whether Solo Leveling will level up and become an anime soon. Currently, the comic or manhwa of the Solo Leveling came to a close, and fans are demanding an animated project for the comic book. It looks like the author decided to conclude the series after 179 chapters and fans are wondering when and where will be the manhwa be broadcasted.

Someone started the rumors that Solo Leveling will be produced as an anime, and the news of an anime remake has spread like wildfire on social media and anime communities.

Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre

As we mentioned before, Solo Leveling was first published as a fanfiction kind of novel, and over time, the Korean guy Chugong developed it into a manhwa. We cannot express how quickly the manhwa got popular among readers, and Solo Leveling became one of the most popular comic books on the net.

Manhwas and mangas have a global reader base, and fans from all around the globe are so anxious to see the anime version of the books. Even more, there was a petition created just for Solo Leveling to be turned into an animated one with over 160.000 signatures. Will fans get what they want? Guess so.

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Solo Leveling Anime



According to the rumors, there will be an anime adaptation of the webcomic, but are the rumors true? Will there be an animated project related to Chugong’s work? A Korean animation company is rumored to take responsibility for the famous manhwa, keep scrolling to learn more.

Solo Leveling Adaptation

Chinese social media Weibo was the first place where rumors began to spread. One person claimed that the Solo Leveling Anime is becoming official and the release date would be announced in 2022. Aside from the Chinese fans, readers on Twitter also claimed that the rumors are true.

If these reports are genuine, we guess the work for the animation will be left to Studio Mir which is a South Korean studio that created The Legends of Korra and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

Solo Leveling cover

Solo Leveling cover

Anime fans contested the idea of a South Korean company taking over Solo Leveling, and they demanded another Japanese company to present the work as an anime, but it was not possible since there are no Japanese elements to the story. We really do not understand the fans sometimes, because the author and the comic book illustrator are Korean, why would you want it to be an anime? Anyways, Studio Mir is an amazing animation company and we are sure they will present us an amazing work. Also, anime fans should not expect to see the animation on Chruchyroll for obvious reasons.

Regardless, we don’t have an official release date yet and publishers of the manhwa have not yet revealed any details regarding the adaptation. Just stay tight, it looks like a release date will be in the open soon.

How to Read Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling hunter levels

Solo Leveling hunter levels

Solo Leveling is both a novel and a manhwa about the gate that emerged 10 years ago. The gate’s purpose is to connect the actual world with the domain of magic and monsters, and of course, we need a hero to fight. Other people who could fight off these monsters are called hunters in the book, but our main character Sung Jin-Woo is a twenty-year-old Hunter, but especially a weak one.

Things get mixed up when our hero wakes up in a hospital just to find out he is the sole survivor of a mission, but there is more than that awaits him. When he wakes up, he sees a giant screen in front of him called the quest log, and on that screen, he finds numerous quests that he has to finish or he will be punished.

Fanfic Fate Solo Leveling

There are many fanfics written about Solo Leveling, but this one is exceptional if you are also a fan of the Fate series. You cannot find such a crossover easily, so you better check it out.

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