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Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2 Release Date, Trailer
Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2 Release Date, Trailer

Are you wondering when will you be able to watch Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2? The original action program “Shinobi no Ittoki” is created by DMM Pictures and animated by Troyca, and the anime centers on Ittoki Sakuraba, a little boy who is utterly unaware that he is the 19th successor to the illustrious Iga clan of ninjas. When the opposing clan, the Koga, attempts to murder him in retaliation for the death of their chief, the main protagonist is finally informed of his roots. Will we see the same story in Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2?

So, Ittoki must enroll in the Kokuten Ninja Academy to improve his abilities in order to someday become the Iga chief and a true leader of his people, and it quickly becomes clear that the shady politics between Koga and Iga have reached a stage where conversations won’t be sufficient to restore peace, despite his best efforts to come to terms with his new life so that he might finally assist his mother.

The action-packed anime has developed a respectable global fan base since its introduction, so these viewers must be interested in Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2’s future after the debut of the Season 1 finale. We have what you need if you’re seeking to learn what will happen to Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2.

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Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2 Release Date

Shinobi No Ittoki poster

Shinobi No Ittoki poster

Season 1 of “Shinobi no Ittoki” debuted on October 4, 2022, and ended on December 20, 2022, so fans are wondering about the release date for Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2. There are 12 episodes in the series, and each one lasts roughly twenty-three minutes, and the action animation, which was directed by Shuu Watanabe, has a number of notable voice actors. These people are including Ryouta Oosaka (Ittoki), Haruka Shiraishi (Kousetsu), Konishi Katsuyuki (Tokisada), and Kikuko Inoue (Yumika).

Studio TROYCA, DMM Pictures, or any other organization engaged in the show’s production and distribution have not announced plans to air Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2, and since “Shinobi no Ittoki” is a unique anime series, its idea is unrelated to any source material. In such cases, the destiny of the program is determined by global ratings and commercial success, but unfortunately, even in the Fall 2022 anime schedule, the action show hasn’t managed to stick out.

It has a below-average rating on MyAnimeList, and the majority of its reviews online are either unfavorable or inconsistent, and it should not be shocking that the program is scored so poorly considering that it competes with other well-known anime from the same season. With everyone finding resolution in the Season 1 finale and Koga village being friendlier toward other clans, it was a rather satisfying way to wrap things off, all indicating that there might not be a Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2.

The audience is briefly introduced to a world without ninja strife that has been collaborating with one another for a number of years in the final few minutes of the program, and there is no indication that there will be a 2nd season, and the final few seconds of the last episode ended with the statement “The End.”

It appears extremely improbable that Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2 will ever be produced in light of the aforementioned considerations, as previously indicated, the show’s creators have neither formally canceled it nor made any public comments on its future, but we think it might have a little chance to be renewed. Season 2 of the anime won’t air until at least early 2026, maybe much later.

Shinobi No Ittoki Season 1 Review

Shinobi No Ittoki characters

Shinobi No Ittoki characters

Ittoki Sakuraba was just a regular young man getting ready for his first year of high school, until one day, when ninjas assault him without warning. In Shinobi no Ittoki Season 1 from Troyca, he later learns that he is the heir to a covert ninja clan and must be ready to take his position in the shadowy world. Ittoki finds new friends and encounters enemies in the early episodes of this anime series as he attempts to figure out how to navigate this strange new world.

However, approximately halfway through Shinobi no Ittoki Season 1, the plot broadens to encompass much more than just high school mischief dressed in ninja garb, and the fast-developing narrative of Ittoki’s life is driven by politics, murder, treachery, and war. More drama and weight than we had anticipated are added to the story by this abrupt change in the series, and the story of the television show does contain some unexpected revelations and narrative turns, but it never delves too far into politics.

Is Shinobi no Ittoki worth watching?



Absolutely yes, and that is because of the plot: The opening 24 minutes of “Shinobi no Ittoki” is a masterclass in how to brutally torpedo the viability of a lead character or a series as a whole, and the show’s premise shows that the ninja manner has persisted up to the present day and that in order to more successfully blend into daily life, they have learned to weave themselves into businesses and other corporate megastructures. We wonder what we will see in Shinobi No Ittoki Season 2.

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