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Princess Connect! Re:Dive Season 3: Renewed or Canceled?

Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3
Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3

Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3 animated TV series might continue the plot centered on Cygames’ successful video game franchise, and we are excited to announce the news to you.

When the series finale of the 2nd season was aired in March 2022, the official social media profiles just asked fans to continue supporting the series. Takaomi Kanasaki, the film’s director, thanked the production staff on Twitter.

“I simply wanted to start by thanking everyone who participated in Priconne!” Everyone’s excitement in each segment to make things better and more fun has culminated in a great piece of art. I feel privileged to have collaborated with them on this project.”

There are several factors to assume that Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3 will be produced later in 2022 but that can only happen if the series as a whole doesn’t continue to shrink in interest.

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Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3

Princess Connect Re Dive Season 2

Princess Connect Re Dive Season 2

Season 2 of Princess Connect! Re Dive began on January 11, 2022, and ended on March 29, 2022. Phase 2 consists of 12 episodes, each lasting around 21-25 minutes and we expect the same situation for Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3.

Unfortunately, Studio CygamesPictures and other companies associated with the production or marketing of the anime have not extended the program for Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3 as of yet.

The series’ future is largely dependent on its success in the next months, which is why we are expecting to see Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3. Although Princess Connect! Re Dive’ did not receive the same amount of attention as the 1st season, it is worth noting that the current installment was rated better on various websites.

The great reviews it has received thus far will help it to be renewed, but eventually, a lot hinges on Blue-Ray revenues. As a result, the next several months will be vital, but if all goes well, the anime might be greenlighted by the end of 2022. Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3 will air in late 2023 or early 2024, based on the normal production cycle.

Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List



A tier list is essentially a rating of the power of players in a game and this system will most probably continue in Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3. The greater the rank, the stronger they are in comparison to the others on the ranking.

The rankings are as follows, from S through D:

S Tier: These are the finest of the best and are far more powerful than the other players in the story.

A Tier: These heroes have a high degree of power, making them an invaluable addition to your group.

B Tier: These fighters are reasonably powerful and may be used in a variety of party configurations.

C Tier: These fighters are less powerful than those in A and B Tier, but they are still competitive.

D Tier: These heroes are the poorest of the lot and should only be employed if you have no other options.

Princess Connect Re Dive Characters

Kiruya Momochi

Kiruya Momochi

As we explained the ranking system of the characters above, let’s look at the Princess Connect Re Dive characters and where they stand in the list, and who might join Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3. Players are rated in this list in terms of overall strength, utility, and ease of usage.

In the S tier, we have Rino, Anna, Djeeta, Monika, Akino, and Hatsune who are very powerful characters and have unique abilities. In A tier, you can see the names of Ninon, Tsumugi, Makoto, Eriko, Io, Rin, Ayane, Maho, Shiori, Misato, Suzuna, Saren, Kokkoro, Jun, Shizuru, and Kurumi.

B tier members are Mitsuki, Nozomi, Kaori, Miyako, Misaki, Illya, Karyl, Mimi, Yori, Rei, Shinobu, and Kuka. C tier members are Chika, Hiyori, Yuki, Tamaki, Akari, Mifuyu, and Lima, and the D tiers are Mahiru, Suzume, Misogi, Matsuri , Aoi, Yukari, Tomo.

We are hoping to see all of these characters in Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3.

Is Princess Connect Re Dive Hentai?

Kokkoro Natsume

Kokkoro Natsume

‘Princess Connect!’ is based on the Japanese role-playing computer simulation game and it is not a hentai. CygamesPictures created the action-adventure anime ‘Re Dive.’ The plot centers around Yuuki, an amnesiac guy who wakes up on the island of Astraeaa with no knowledge of how he got there.

He befriends an elf named Kokkoro and learns everything there is to know about cash and fighting monsters. As he travels over Astraeaa, he meets new friends like Pecorine and Karyl and finally forms a guild with their help. It is the start of his lengthy adventure to learn the causes of his forgetfulness as well as other secrets. Princess Connect Re Dive Season 3 will most likely follow the story of these main characters in the future.

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