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Netflix Warrior Nun Season 2 – Is Warrior Nun Cancelled?

Netflix Warrior Nun Season 2 - Is Warrior Nun Cancelled?
Netflix Warrior Nun Season 2 - Is Warrior Nun Cancelled?

Is there going to be a Warrior Nun Season 2? Every fan of the show is actually wondering about the answer to this question. Well, we have the answer for you below!

The 1st season of Warrior Nun had 10 episodes, all released on the same day on Netflix. Most of the episodes of the season were around 40-50 minutes. The series is based on a comic book character called Warrior Nun Areala, created by Ben Dunn. The show starts with a 19-year-old orphan woman waking up in a morgue and discovering that she now has superpowers. She then finds out that she is part of an ancient Order of the Cruciform Sword, a secret sect of nuns who hunts demons.

Let us go and find out if there is going to be a new season of Warrior Nun and look into the details of the cast members and a possible release date! There is also a brief review of the show waiting for you at the end.

Will Warrior Nun Season 2 Come in 2022?

When Is Warrior Nun Season 2 Coming?

When Is Warrior Nun Season 2 Coming?

After a 10-episode long 1st season, Warrior Nun fans were walking on air when Netflix confirmed that Warrior Nun Season 2 was officially on the way. The premier season of the show aired back in 2020, on July 2nd, and after almost a month, showrunners announced the renewal of the show for a 2nd season on a video call with the cast members:


According to the Twitter posts of one of the writers of the show, Simon Barry, the filming for the 2nd season started on July 26, 2021. Apparently, the filming lasted until November 3 when the showrunner shared a post on Twitter to celebrate the ending of the shootings. Considering the fact that season 1 was released almost 1 year after its filming ended in July 2019, it is safe to assume that there is still some time until Warrior Nun Season 2 arrives. We definitely expect it to come in 2022 so we are guessing it will be here between the months of July and December.

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Warrior Nun Cast

Warrior Nun Cast

Warrior Nun Cast

The main character of the series, Ava, the 19-year-old orphan who finds out that she has superpowers, is played by Alba Baptista. The actress became famous after her role in Warrior Nun and went on to play other roles in two movies.

One of the other main characters is Sister Mary, also known as Shotgun Mary, who is portrayed by Toya Turner. Shotgun Mary is the rebellious anti-heroine of the series who was a Warrior Nun before leaving the order.

The other important cast members and their characters are as follows:

Warrior Nun Review

Warrior Nun (2020-) Netflix

Warrior Nun (2020-) Netflix

Warrior Nun received 6.9 points on IMDB rated by 29K viewers. Season 1 of the show obtained 68% on Rotten Tomatoes and 62% on Metacritic. It seems that the reviews are generally favorable although it is clear that not everyone liked and enjoyed certain aspects of the show.

For us, one of the strengths of the show is the acting, especially by Toya Turner in the role of Shotgun Mary. The acting abilities of the main actor seem fine while Kristina Tonteri-Young as Sister Beatrice and Lorena Andrea as Sister Beatrice shine in their roles.

It seems one of the weaknesses of the show is some of the storylines that feel unfulfilled at the end of the season. For example, the battle between Cardinal Duretti (Joaquim de Almeida) and the scientist Dr. Jillian Salvius (Thekla Reuten) is one of these weaknesses. It appears that this battle represents the Church’s longstanding disapproval of scientific curiosity and inquiry.

However, it does not seem like the series finds a balance between these different storylines, and certain episodes are filled with moments (especially when Salvius is on the screen) that do not go anywhere. And at the end, the conflict between the 2 parties feels unfulfilled and what is meant to be a cliffhanger does not feel like that at all.

Yet, we can say from the heart that the show finds great balance when it focuses on the relationship of Ava with the Church and the nuns, and overall there are some well-choreographed fighting scenes that are worth watching. We believe the bright sides of the series are way more than the negatives; so, we recommend you have a quick watch of Warrior Nun Season 1.

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