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Nailed It Season 7 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Nailed It Season 7 Release Date, Trailer
Nailed It Season 7 Release Date, Trailer

Does Nailed It Season 7 have a release date already? Because we cannot really wait any longer! In addition to well-known written episodes series, Netflix has a penchant for creating attention hooker reality series that happen spontaneously and right away. Netflix is known for many other high-quality TV Shows, but this one is diverse being a baking show and also the streaming platform’s finest achievement.

Of course, there are other baking shows on Netflix and some of them are very amusing, such as Food on High and The Great British Baking Show, but none of them can be like Nailed It. If you enjoy watching food shows, then you should definitely wait for Nailed It Season 7, because it will come stronger than ever.

To sum up the show, we will see novice bakers fight for a $1,000 prize every week, but their job is not easy since they are attempting to duplicate tough recipes. Since its launch on Netflix in 2018, the series has received a number of Primetime Emmy nominations as well as an MTV Movie Award, so you can maybe imagine the greatness of Nailed It and the reason why we are waiting so excitedly for Nailed It Season 7.

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Nailed It Season 7

Nicole and Jacques

Nicole and Jacques

We know how you might be curious about anything related to Nailed It Season 7 and expecting to hear a release date or timeframe, but nothing official has been said or announced regarding Nailed It Season 7, so we can guess that Nailed It has an equal possibility of being renewed or canceled.

With nothing said on Nailed It Season 7, we are hopeful that a new season will be released soon because there is no reason why it should not. The program is a fantastic time-killer and it hooks you to the screen and has been running strong for 6 seasons.

In 2021, we got the chance to watch 2 seasons, and if this trend continues, we might expect to see Nailed It Season 7 between March and July 2022.

Nailed It Cast

Nicole hosting Nailed It

Nicole hosting Nailed It

Since there was no news about the new season, we do not really know much about the Nailed It Season 7 cast but what we know is, each player competes against another opponent, and the one who comes closest to the design given at the start wins, and moves on with the next level.

In each season the participants tend to be different, but the judges have been consistent throughout many seasons with the presenter Nicole Byer, who constantly makes us laugh. Along with Nicole, Jacques Torres joins her as a co-host and other guests include Lil Rel Howery, Dave Arnold, and Bobby Lee.

Who is Wes from Nailed It?

Wes and Jacques

Wes and Jacques

Wes’ real name is Weston Bahr and he is the stage manager and assistant director of the Nailed It program. He unexpectedly rose to prominence and this was not planned at all, and it was all thanks to Nicole she gave him a role that made him stand out in a positive way. He got popular because of his nice looks and Nicole’s attempts to put him in the center of attention.

Nicole and Jacque Torres told how “Wes” came to their show in an interview. “Nicole has a lot to mention when creating Wes because she had the notion to keep calling him all the time, which no one was complaining of,” told Jacque.

Nicole said that “When Wes was bringing in the trophy, I was wondering where he constantly was, where has Wes gone? Now I just take advantage of the situation.” The Wes thing went off from there, which is okay with supporters since he has a terrific appearance, and everyone enjoys gazing at him.

Is Nailed It on Netflix scripted?



With Nicole Byer as the host, famous French pastry chef Jacques Torres as the baking pro, and a new guest judge in each episode is the summary of the show Nailed It, but is the show scripted or natural?

The cast and crew even admitted that the entire concept was inspired by the Pinterest fail memes and it did come to life with nothing we could imagine before. According to the host and the pro baker of the show, everything we see such as the blunders is neither planned nor directed in any way.

Nicole and Jacque said that she loves the people in the show because they can outdo one another in terms of the shambles they create and they are still amazed at how awful some of those participants in the show can be.

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