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Iron Man 4 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

Iron Man 4 Release Date
Iron Man 4 Release Date

Will we be able to see Robert Downey Jr put on his red and gold Iron Man armor for Iron Man 4? According to the rumors, the answer is yes, Robert Downey will be on the screens for the next Iron Man movie, but you know how rumors are.

In one of his recent visits to the Ellen Show, the famous Iron Man actor spilled the beans about the future of Iron Man 4. Everybody remembers the noble sacrifice of Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame and the current status of Tony Stark is known to be dead. Iron man erased Thanos and his supporters from existence and died honorably, but this decision meant no more Iron Man movies in the future.

But when does death stop the Marvel universe to produce new stuff for the fans? The death of the one and true Iron Man Tony Stark might mean that we will not be able to see Robert Downey anymore, but if Iron Man 4 was to be released, anybody could wear the red and gold suit.

Just like Black Widow and Captain America, Iron Man is another name that said farewell to the fans, but we know how in Captain America 4, Sam Wilson will take over for Steve Rogers. Why wouldn’t it be the case for Iron Man 4?

Riri Williams/Ironheart (Dominique Thorne) is now being seen as the heir to the Iron Man’s position in the universe, so expect to see her in any future project related to Iron Man. Now, enough speculations, let’s move on to the official stuff about the release of a new Iron Man movie.

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Will there be an Iron Man 4?

Tony Stark

Tony Stark

We will begin with the sad news and announce that no Iron Man 4 has been confirmed yet. If a new movie was to be released, we are expecting it to be at least in 2024, but that does not even sound too realistic considering the release tradition of the Marvel movies.

Don’t worry because we also have some good news: there are a handful of Iron Man spin-off projects under the name of Disney Plus, so we are most likely to see one or two in 2022 or 2023. In these projects, we are highly expecting that Tony Stark will make a comeback, and even more, we will have the chance to meet with more characters from the universe. Maybe his daughter will take his place, who knows?

Tony and Pepper

Tony and Pepper

Another theory from the fans is that Spider-Man will be the new Iron Man, but it does not really sound likely to happen considering Spider-Man has its own storyline and movies.

As you know, Marvel’s Phase 3 ended, and in Phase 4 we will have new heroes as the new Avengers team. We are almost certain that the producers will not skip including a new Iron Man.

Another theory is related to Dr. Strange’s multiverse movie and as a cause of the multiverse, we can keep watching Robert Downey Jr a little more as Iron Man. Anyways, all of these are just rumors and speculations, nothing is official but Iron Man 4 has very high stakes hitting the theaters.

Iron Man 4 Release Date

Tony's death

Tony’s death

As we mentioned before, no release date for Iron Man 4 has been announced, but we guess the earliest date will be 2024.

According to rumors about Dr. Strange and MoM, Robert Downey Jr will return to play a different Tony Stark which we guess will be darker than the one we know. However, some people are claiming that Dr. Strange can get better with this version of Tony Stark, maybe he will come back as a duller person this time.

The only scenario that could shock us would be the case where Dr. Strange is the one who puts on the glove and kills Thanos along with himself. Imagine Tony Stark not dying, but losing Dr. Strange on the way to save the universe. What we are sure is, we will see some fight scenes with Wanda since she is extremely powerful when it comes to parallel universes.

Iron Man Cast

Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts

From our past experience with the previous Iron Man movies, we are expecting to see Happy portrayed by Jon Favreau, Howard Stark portrayed by John Slattery, Maria Stark portrayed by Hope Davis, Pepper Potts portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow, and Nicholas Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson. Other cast members and characters could be The Mandarin played by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, The Vision portrayed by Paul Bettany, Reed Richards portrayed by Jon Hamm, Walter Newell portrayed by Josh Holloway, and Bethany Cabe played by Christina Hendricks.

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