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I Hate Christmas Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

I Hate Christmas Season 2 Release Date, Trailer
I Hate Christmas Season 2 Release Date, Trailer

The time for festivities has arrived, and “I Hate Christmas” and maybe I Hate Christmas Season 2 are both coming up. For Netflix users, the Christmas season is always special and similar to the regular schedule, Netflix has selected some of the greatest Christmas programs for us this year as well, and one of them is the I Hate Christmas Season 1. The week after next will see the debut of a brand-new drama series on Netflix, and the 1st season of “I Hate Christmas,” which stars the incredibly attractive and gifted Pilar Fogliati, is all about exploring the idea of love and joy.

Gianna began by lying to her parents and other family members in the 1st season, and we wonder what will happen in I Hate Christmas Season 2. This December will see the premiere of the 1st season of the program, but now we are concentrating on I Hate Christmas Season 2: is the program getting a 2nd season? Christmas drama shows frequently return for the 2nd season, but is it the case for I Hate Christmas Season 2?

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I Hate Christmas Season 2 Release Date



I Hate Christmas Season 2’s release date is probably wondered by many who watched the 1st season. After the Netflix original series, I Hate Christmas, debuted on the streaming service, many of you have been inquiring about the show’s Season 2 release date.

The show centers on Gianna, a single nurse who lies to her family about his romantic status after being coerced into dating by his family, and to find a mate by Christmas, Gianna employs all of her talents. The main lead actors in the show are Pilar Fogliati, Beatrice Arnera, Fiorenza Pieri, and Massimo Rigo, and other notable actors include Sabrina Paravicini, Glen Blackhall, Alessio Pratico, Cecilia Bertozzi, Marzia Ubaldi, Marcos Piacentini, Alan Cappelli Goetz, Nicolas Maupas, Simonetta Solder, and Astrid Meloni in supporting roles.

Regarding the release date for I Hate Christmas Season 2, there is no current information on the program’s status as a potential renewal; nevertheless, if it occurs, the 2nd season of the show will be available on Netflix by 2024, again during the Christmas season, however, the precise day has not yet been determined.

I Hate Christmas Season 1 Review

Gianna's family

Gianna’s family

Before talking about I Hate Christmas Season 2 further, let’s look at the review for the 1st season. Consider the fact that being in a relationship is honored by so many holidays and is essentially regarded as a success, but being single is accepted, however, is there really a choice for everyone, or a level playing field? Not to mention the sympathy or disdain that goes along with it, which is frequently discussed around holiday dinner tables, and Gianna is one of the many people who fear leaving for home, thus it makes sense why.

She seeks to make Christmas a little bit more bearable for herself: Gianna, a 30-year-old nurse who has been alone herself for some time, is the main character and she tells her family she has a boyfriend whom she would be bringing to the Christmas dinner because she is tired of their continual passive-aggressive reminders of her single status and the implications. Her mission to find a boyfriend in 24 days begins with that story, and Didi, Margherita, and Caterina, three of Gianna’s friends, decide to assist her in this journey.



We lamented the absence of this aspect of Christmas in the several Christmas movies we saw this season, and even though the holiday of Christmas is meant to be about love, only romantic partners actually experience it, so we are happy that a program like “I Hate Christmas” explored the process of embracing and appreciating many types of love. It should be appreciated just as much as being with someone else, and it’s more than alright.

We think “I Hate Christmas” could be our favorite Christmas movie to date, people can watch it not only around the holidays but also whenever we start to feel the pressure to be with someone. Although we have a strong suspicion that those in partnerships would not enjoy it all that much, this is a fantastic film for a happy Christmas.

Where is I Hate Christmas Filmed?



The whole “I Hate Christmas” movie was shot in Italy, mostly in the Veneto area, and according to reports, the 1st season of the romance series’ main filming began in November 2021 and was completed in around 5 weeks in December. The majority of “I Hate Christmas” was shot in Veneto, one of Italy’s 20 regions, the majority of the filming takes place in the seaside city of Chioggia.

One of the main production locations where many important sequences are shot is Fondamenta Canal Vena, and it is the street where the fish market, Gianna’s father’s restaurant, and Caterina’s cafeteria. We wonder where they will shoot I Hate Christmas Season 2.

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