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HollyBlood Cast – Ages, Partners, Characters

HollyBlood Cast - Ages, Partners, Characters
HollyBlood Cast - Ages, Partners, Characters

HollyBlood is a 2022 Spanish teen love comedy with horror and parody elements that stars Oscar Casas, Isa Montalban, Jordi Sanchez, Piero Méndez, Carlos Suárez, and others. Jess Font directs HollyBlood.

The story revolves around Javi, a typical high school student who has a crush on Sara and is also a fangirl of a vampire book series. Due to a series of misunderstandings, Sara comes to believe Javi is a vampire, and an actual vampire threatens to materialize.

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Oscar Casas

Actor Scar Casas was born in Spain on September 21, 1998. He made his television acting debut at age 6 in Abuela de Verano’s show. At age 8, he made his feature film debut in the 2006 film 53 das de Invierno. He occasionally played younger versions of the characters Mario Casas played in his early career as a child actor because of his likeness to his older brother Mario Casas, who is also an actor.

Oscar Casas - HollyBlood

Oscar Casas – HollyBlood

Jordi Sánchez

Jordi Sánchez Zaragoza, a Spanish actor and screenwriter was born on May 13, 1964. He is most known for playing Josep Lopes in Plats bruts and Antonio Recio in La que se avecina. At the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, he obtained a Certificate of Advanced Study in nursing.

On New Year’s Eve 2001, he made an appearance on TV 3 with Joel Joan for the Twelve Grapes. His autobiographical novel Humanos que me encontré, which is about his youth, was published in 2011. He wrote the stage drama El eunuco in 2015, which was based on Terence’s The Eunuch. He co-starred alongside Silvia Abril in the 2019 comedy Bajo el Mismo techo.

Jordi Sánchez - HollyBlood

Jordi Sánchez – HollyBlood

Secun de la Rosa

Spanish actor, playwright, and director Secundino Benjamn Juan de la Rosa Márquez Ailagas de Carvajal, better known by his stage name Secun de la Rosa, was born on December 23, 1969.

On December 23, 1969, Secundino Benjamn Juan de la Rosa Márquez Ailagas de Carvajal was born in Barcelona. Although he owes fame to his comedic roles in films and television, he studied theater at Cristina Rota’s atelier and directed and wrote several theatrical pieces. For these plays, he has garnered awards and nominations, and as an actor, he was also given the 2003 Premio al mejor actor de la Unión de Actores. The Cover, a musical rom-com that was released in 2021, served as his directorial debut.

Secun de la Rosa - HollyBlood

Secun de la Rosa – HollyBlood

Isa Montalbán

Isa Montalbán’s earliest recollections were from Madrid in 1998, and they demonstrate how she has always been passionate about the performing arts. Nobody has been unaffected by her work on movies like Solo una vez (2021) and Xtremo (2021), which Daniel Benmayor and Verónica Echegui directed, respectively, and Tótem Loba (2020), which she directed for the second time as Verónica Echegui. Neither to Vogue, which selected her as one of the leads in the 2021 debut of Imanol Ruiz de Lara’s short film Jupiter Rain.

She makes a major appearance in 2022’s romantic-comedy fantasy HollyBlood (Jess Font), as well as in 2022’s Pijamas Espaciales (Clara Martnez-Lázaro) and Reyes contra Santa (Paco Caballero).

Isa Montalbán - HollyBlood

Isa Montalbán – HollyBlood

Amparo Fernández

Amparo Fernández was born in Spain’s Comunitat Valenciana in Valencia in 1961. She is an actress best known for the films El sustituto (2010), Tres metros sobre el cielo (2011), and Mientras duermes (2021).

Amparo Fernández - HollyBlood

Amparo Fernández – HollyBlood

Tyler Shamy

Tyler Shamy is a Los Angeles, California-based musician, songwriter, and voice actor. His credits with Atlas Talent as a skilled voice actor include Go! Go! and Ridley Jones (Netflix). Orgain, Lagunitas, Followers (Netflix), Postmates, Dance Central (Xbox), Xfinity, Fisher Price, Brisk, Hallmark, Dr. Pepper, Fire Emblem Heroes, St. Jude’s, Slim Jim, Nickelodeon, MTV Latin America, A&E, Promo Voice of Vortexx, Spidey and His Amazing Friends (Disney), and WarioWare Gold & Warioware: Get It Together.

Tyler Shamy - HollyBlood

Tyler Shamy – HollyBlood


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