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Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date, Trailer
Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date, Trailer

Is Haikyuu Season 5 on the way after how Season 4 ended with Karasuno successfully facing off against Inarizaki High? After Karasuno defeated the powerful Miya twins in an exciting duel that hooked us to the screen, a new season is highly possible to arrive soon.

Haikyuu Season 4 had 25 episodes without breaking the tradition, and Haikyuu Season 5 will probably have the same number of episodes if they do not break it into two. The fact that a single season covered the happenings of this single match was fascinating and we got to see some rivals and old friends.

In Season 4, we watched Kuroo and Kenma, Bokuto and Akashi witnessing Karasuno High win the match against Inarizaki, and the shocking point was to learn that Hinata has mastered how to receive the ball which brought Hinata to be the Little Giant one step closer.

Nekoma High

Nekoma High

As Karasuno develops, we see the other high schoolers trying to get better and better in order to not lose their place in the Championship, so the plot of Haikyuu Season 5 may already be obvious to fans.

Haikyuu manga has come to an end in 2020 but there is still a lot of stuff the anime has not covered yet, which gives higher hopes for Haikyuu Season 5. Haikyuu Season 4 ended with Karasuno successfully defeating the Miya twins, but what will happen in Season 5?

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Haikyuu Season 5



Because of the pandemic, many anime series have been postponed but they are slowly coming back to the screens, but we still don’t know when things will go back to the normal for the anime franchises.

Haikyuu celebrated its 10th anniversary back in October 2021, having its own jump studio stage at an event. The official Jump Festa account has stated that they will include Haikyuu Season 5 in their program so we will definitely see the next season.

With the hosts Ayumu Murase and Kaito Ishikawa, we are sure we will see a lot more content about the possible Haikyuu Season 5. Fans of the show are in for an amazing surprise as it seems.

Haikyuu Season 5 Leaks



It was leaked on social media that the premise of Haikyuu Season 5 will see Karasuno High School competing against Nekoma High School and the epic battle will finally take place. As you expect, the contest will be more intense thanks to the friendship of Hinata and Kenma, so expect to see Karasuno becoming more tense and ready to win.

Haikyuu Characters

Karasuno High

Karasuno High

There are a lot of characters in this anime because it follows the story of volleyball players from nearly all of Japan, but Tobio Kageyama, Karasuno’s local volleyball MPV, is the greatest player on the court. During all the seasons, we watched how Kageyama directs the team’s offensive with his natural abilities of volleyball and he’s a versatile player who can play in any position.

Hinata is cheerful and resilient, and nearly everybody tried to mock him because of his height. But they later learned not to underestimate him when they figured out Karasuno’s secret weapon. What makes him special is that he can easily keep up with tall and strong opponents thanks to his ability to leap.

Daichi Sawamura is the trustworthy captain of Karasuno, and we witnessed his emotional swings caused by the great responsibility. He is in charge of keeping the squad together but it is no easy task with such a team, especially considering how bad Hinata and Kageyama get along.

Kei Tsukishima is the glasses guy but we know him as Tsukki, and he is the tallest player in the team Karasuno. He is another teammate who cannot get along with others easily, especially with Hinata and Kageyama.

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