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Ghost Rider 3 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

Ghost Rider 3 Release Date, Trailer
Ghost Rider 3 Release Date, Trailer

Does Ghost Rider 3 have a release date already? If you have been following the previous 2 movies and are a fan of the Ghost Rider series, you are probably been wondering when Ghost Rider 3 will hit the screens. Let’s look at the possibilities of a future Ghost Rider movie.

The Ghost Rider series consist of well-liked Marvel comics-based movies, and probably everyone has heard of the Ghost Rider series. Most of us were still little kids when the 1st Ghost Rider movie got out, and it managed to become everybody’s favorite comic book movie.

Ghost Rider 3 will most likely follow Johnny Blaze’s adventures again and Blaze is a daring motorbike racer who is possessed by a demon. The appearance of the Ghost Rider is easy to distinguish since he has a great blazing skull, leather jacket, chains, and a deep, growly voice.

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Ghost Rider 3 Dawn of Darkness

Rumors about MoM and Ghost Rider

Rumors about MoM and Ghost Rider

Fans are wondering what might happen in Ghost Rider 3 Dawn of Darkness, and guess what, we expect an ancient evil awakening from the shadows in a strange and unknown realm in the next movie according to the comics. Of course, it will be hard for the heroes and the others to stand in its way while the wicked creature just destroys everything.

Furthermore, we are expecting some fresh faces and a new team of heroes to assist the Ghost Rider because they probably will have only one opportunity to save their entire universe.

We are sad to say that there has been no official news on the status of Ghost Rider 3, but to be honest, do not expect a continuation of the previous 2 movies if another Ghost Rider movie releases. We are expecting something completely new and different from the Ghost Rider franchise.

Ghost Rider 1st movie poster

Ghost Rider 1st movie poster

This scenario might and might not mean that Nicolas Cage will be a part of the cast again, we think he should, but Marvel just reacquired Ghost Rider alongside Daredevil, who is now a loved and well-known character in one of Netflix’s finest programs. Another rumor related to the future of Ghost Rider is, in Doctor Stange’s new movie called Multiverse of Madness, we will see some easter eggs of our blazing skull. The 2nd Doctor Strange movie might be an initial attempt to get the fans ready for a solo Ghost Rider movie.

We think Ghost Rider will be available on Netflix and he would be a good match for Jessica Jones, Punisher, and Daredevil.

Ghost Rider 3 Release Date

Ghost Rider 2

Ghost Rider 2

As we all know, Ghost Rider is an American superhero movie, and its first movie premiered in February 2007 with great success and managed to gain the love of the fans. The film is based on the same-named Marvel Comic Character created by Ray Thomas, Gary Friedrich, and Mike Ploog and we think it is one of the most original Marvel characters. Mark Steven Johnson wrote and directed the Ghost Rider film and it was another success written for the Marvel universe while we watched Nicolas Cage playing Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider in the film.

There are now 2 movies in the series, and we are sure that Ghost Rider fans are impatiently awaiting the debut of the 3rd movie and whether it has a release date or not.

The 1st movie of Ghost Rider was released in 2007 while the 2nd one was released in 2012, called Spirit of Vengeance. Looking at the release tradition, we should have got another movie in 2017, but it did not happen and it looks like it will never happen for Ghost Rider 3.

Ghost Rider Cast

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider/Johhny Blaze

With no release date being confirmed, it would be weird to talk about the future cast of the Ghost Rider 3. Even though the Ghost Rider 3 cast has yet to be confirmed, some of the key cast members can be guessed because we’re talking about Marvel, of course, there will be some big names in it.

Nicolas Cage has stated that he will not return for future movies, but he may make cameos in Ghost Rider 3 just like how it happened in the last Spider-Man movie. Considering that Cage does not have the best career as an actor now, there is also a possibility that he will accept the offer if there were to be any.

Idris Elba also seems like he has outgrown his Ghost Rider character, and he is one of the cast members we do not think will return. Nevertheless, it is also possible for him to make a cameo in the next movie.

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