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Doors of Stone Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

Doors of Stone Release Date, Trailer - Is it canceled
Doors of Stone Release Date, Trailer - Is it canceled

Patrick Rothfuss is a well-known American novelist of epic fantasy and he is the writer of Doors of Stone. The writer was born on June 6, 1973, and his best book is The Kingkiller Chronicle which is a set of 3 books.

Why we call that book his best is because the novel got 2 Quill Awards in 2007 and the Name of the Wind is yet another title in the Kingkiller Chronicle which was first introduced in the Kingkiller Chronicles franchise and released on March 27, 2007.

In 2002 Rothfuss was selected as one of the Writers of the Future and we think he well deserves the title. After he got his Quill Awards, publisher Weekly called his debut work the Name of the Wind one of the Best Books of the Year in 2007.

Well, now we know a lot about the author and his best books, but what about Doors of Stone and when will it be released?

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Doors of Stone Release Date

From Name of the Wind's illustrated book

From Name of the Wind’s illustrated book

The reason why the author is delaying the release of the Doors of Stone is that he argues with that book, he is changing the original story so it is taking him longer than usual. He also announced that he had finished the Kingkiller trilogy before giving the Doors of Stone release date.

What Rothfuss is going is, that now he is updating and redesigning a few chapters of the Doors of Stones and you can check his work’s first page narrated by him below.

The author stated that the book will be shorter than the 2nd book called The Wise Man’s Fear, and we can understand it gets harder to write 700 pages long books for him. He also announced that there will be no announcements for the book, and as soon as he completes it, we will be able to read Doors of Stone.

What we can do now is to wait for the Rothfuss to complete the editing of the book and like all of you, we are also waiting for the release date for Doors of Stone to be revealed. Even though there is no official announcement from Patrick Rothfuss, it was once rumored that Doors of Stone is set to be released on July 11, 2022.

Patrick Rothfuss Doors of Stone

Rothfuss reading the prologue

Rothfuss reading the prologue

The 1st book in the Kingkiller Trilogy was The Name of the Wind and it was released around 2007, not long after the author openly said that he was willing to write more about it. In 2017, the author revealed that the name of the book will stay of the Doors of Stone even though the editor did not like the name at first, but he was able to convince the editor of the 3rd book. So, it is official that the 3rd book of The Kingkiller Chronicle will be Doors of Stone.

If you didn’t know, the 2nd book is called The Wise Man’s Fear and The Name of the Wind is the name for the 1st book in the series. It was also rumored that there will be movies about the plot of the books, but it did not happen.

Temerant is the main area in his novels and the world of the book is completely made up of events taking in a fantasy story set in a magical world with a primary character called Kvothe. Kvothe is known as being one of the greatest magicians in the world of Temerant and he knows beyond the domain of magic and spells.

Doors of Stone Prologue

Rothfuss' books

Rothfuss’ books

There is a Reddit discussion forum about the Doors of Stone’s Prologue about Rothfuss’ narrative of the 1st chapter, and you should definitely check out the video along with the comments if you are waiting for the release of the book.

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  1. GordieF

    July 7, 2022 at 9:59 pm

    I’ve forgotten the characters and the plot of the first two books and lost interest in the third. My only relevant interest is in seeing how long this release is drawn out for current and former fans.

    • Whilesk

      July 12, 2022 at 10:27 am

      well ur missing something ^^

  2. Merve Elli

    July 8, 2022 at 9:34 am

    Rothfuss seems like a true perfectionist. Sadly, all we can do is wait while he finishes the book. 🙁 I definitely recommend you to go over the previous books because it looks like the 3rd one will turn out as a masterpiece. 🙂

    • tone ramzy

      August 2, 2022 at 7:52 pm

      i know if or whenever this book comes out. im getting a used copy. i cant feel right about getting a new copy. i dont get toxic about him taking too long. but i honestly dont see an excuse for this guy. he has no obligations and his books are loved. finishing the book, youd think would be a priority.

  3. Suzanne M

    August 31, 2022 at 8:38 pm

    World Builders seems to be an excellent charity, and how nice that he is friends with Lin Manuel Miranda. Finishing the third book is not very high on his list of priorities, and he is not getting any younger. It is possible to “overwork” a plot or any piece of writing. I doubt if I will live long enough to see the third book. A series of short stories set in the world would be nice, but I really would have liked to have read the rest of Kvothe’s story.

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