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Date A Live Season 5 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

Date A Live Season 5 Release Date, Trailer
Date A Live Season 5 Release Date, Trailer

Will we be able to watch Date A Live Season 5? While many anime productions have sprung from the medium of manga, there is still a lot of anime that got adapted from light novels, and Date A Live is one such anime. Date A Live is the narrative of Shodi and his companions living in a world of Spirits, and it managed to get anime fans locked to the screens during its run for 4 seasons. The series was brought to life in 2011 by author Kashi Tachibana and illustrator Tsunako with great effort and work.

With the 4th season of Date A Live just coming to an end after 12 episodes, the series lost no time in revealing the release date of Date A Live Season 5. It all happened with the franchise’s character designer unveiling fresh imagery to keep fans excited for Date A Live Season 5. Although harem anime series are not for everyone, this one managed to climb high on the rankings, and the famous Date A Live series is one of the most popular and adored rom-com storylines in the harem genre, and we expect Date A Live Season 5 to be the same.

Date A Live characters

Date A Live characters

The 4th season’s last episode was set to be released globally on Crunchyroll, so every fan of the anime tuned in to the website, and thankfully, the official Japanese website and the Twitter page of Date A Live have revealed that a new season might be on the way, but what is the release date?

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Date A Live Season 5 Release Date

Date A Live poster

Date A Live poster

The anime adaptation just drew its plot to a close, so we could not even consider Date A Live Season 5 to be produced. At the moment, it’s unclear how many extra episodes or movies the franchise will produce in the future, but it looks like it is certain that Date A Live Season 5 will be animated for the fans.

The character designer of Date A Live provided a stunning new image of the series’ protagonists, and that was when we learned that Date A Live Season 5 was in the works, however, there are still many doubts about where the series will go next.

The plot revolves around Shido who is an ordinary high school guy who encounters a mystery female near the epicenter of a recent spacequake. Shido learns from his sister Kotori that the girl is one of the Spirits, and those creatures are the reason for the spacequakes. Shido is the one who was hired to find a solution to this issue, but in order to do that, he has to make them fall in love with him.

However, there is a third party who believes in the salvation of the spirits, called Ratatoskr. This party is led by Shidou’s younger sister. We expect Date A Live Season 5 to have the same characters.

Is Date A Live a harem?

Date a Live falls victim to the frequent formulaic anime of the romantic harem genre, so yes, it is a harem anime. Date A Live includes the transfer student, the adorable little sister, the kind boyfriend, and, of course, a lot of dating along with the events of a quake that happened 30 years ago.

Who is Shido’s girlfriend?



Shido and Tohka have an unusually intimate relationship. He chose Tohka’s name based on the date of their first encounter which shows that he cares about her and is willing to go out of his way to make her feel good and educate her on the ways of his world.

Shido’s love for Tohka is so deep that when she was taken by DEM, he prioritized rescuing her above all else despite the tremendous risks. Reine was afraid to divulge Natsumi’s plan to make Tohka disappear because she knew the pain Shido will have could turn into a rage that could harm them.

Is Kurumi a villain?



Kurumi Tokisaki is the 3rd Spirit to manifest, and because of her heinous crimes, she is known as the Worst Spirit. Even more, she is also the 1st Spirit to appear in the Date A Live series as an enemy, so yes, she is a villain.

Kurumi is a character that is tough to read as she has a strong disdain for mankind, bordering on suspicion. She is a superb actor because she can put on the mask of an innocent, interested young girl when necessary, and this ability of her was demonstrated when she enrolled as a student at Raizen High School. Under that mask, however, is a crazy lady, prone to periods of insanity and with little respect for human life.

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