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Billions Season 7 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Billions Season 7 Release Date, Trailer
Billions Season 7 Release Date, Trailer

With the news of Billions Season 7, Billions is a Showtime drama series that managed to create a huge hype on social media. We can say that they also took a significant risk in Season 6 by replacing one of the main characters, Damien Lewis, even though fans were claiming he was alone a reason to watch the show.

Unexpectedly, the program maintained the same high level of quality that it had for the first 5 seasons even though Damien Lewis was not with them, and Billions became one of Showtime’s top shows. The excitement is now higher than before because of the possibility of Billions Season 7.



We can briefly explain Billions by saying that it is partially based on the real-life court fights between Preet Bharara and money manager Steve Cohen. In the crew of the people who developed the show, we see the names Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin, and the show premiered on Showtime in 2016 thanks to the hard work of these people. On the other hand, The series is executive produced by Levien, Koppelman, and Beth Schacter, along with the cast members David Costabile, Maggie Siff, Asia Kate Dillon, Condola Rashad, Jeffrey DeMunn, and Daniel Breaker.

If you are wondering about what we know about Billions Season 7 thus now, check below.

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Billions Season 7 Release Date



We are sadly announcing that Billions Season 7 does not yet have a release date, and it is probably because of the fact that Season 6 presently showing on Showtime on Sunday nights. If you are a Showtime member, definitely check the 6th season along with the previous ones to keep up with the show in case of a new release.

The official description of season 6 goes like this: “Season six of BILLIONS clears the dust from Season 5 to show the world of Billions has changed. With Axe (Damian Lewis) gone and Michael Prince (Stoll) taking their place back in the show, Chuck (Giamatti) must devise a new, more complex plan to become victorious.”

Billions Season 6 Ending Explained

Billions cast

Billions cast

Billions ended with a cliffhanger and we saw Prince losing $3.5 billion to escape jail time, resulting in Chuck getting imprisoned. With the turn of the events, everyone at Michael Prince Capital suddenly realized what type of man their new manager is and the capacity of the things he can do.

At the end of the episode, we also saw Dave visiting Chuck in prison and warning him that they have to do something to stop Prince from becoming President of the United States, which would be a crucial event for many people if he did. Later, Chuck gets freed from prison, and there is a possibility for Philip and Taylor to take over MPC in Billions Season 7. We are also guessing Wendy’s perspective toward her job may be changing.

Cast of Billions



According to rumors, Showtime might revive Billions, which is its highly acclaimed drama series, with Billions Season 7, but who will we see in the cast?

The current Season 6 follows the blowback from Michael Prince (played by Corey Stoll, you might remember him being a guest star) who fills the power vacuum left by the manager Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis). The manager escaped prosecution and fled the country at the end of the 5th season finale, but we later learned that the scenario was changed because Lewis wanted to leave the show.

The first 5 seasons of the show focused on the conflict between US Attorney Chuck Rhoades (played by Paul Giamatti) and Axelrod, and fans were super entertained to watch some money-dealing people.

Rhoades, one of the crucial characters that we are expecting to see in Billions Season 7, attempted to arrest the rich and shady hedge-fund manager. Prince always has been important to the show, and he was the one who shifted the board for the characters in the show. Now the others are beginning to make their moves as a result of Axelrod’s departure from the show,

The leave of Bobby will make Rhoades go back to the drawing board and devise an even more acute and clever plan if he wants to succeed next time, and we think Billions Season 7 might follow this plot.

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