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8 Best Sapphic Movies on Hulu to Watch During Pride Month

8 Best Sapphic Movies on Hulu to Watch During Pride Month
Best Sapphic Movies on Hulu

We’re proud to celebrate Pride Month 2022, and we’ve rounded up the best Sapphic movies on Hulu that will make flowers bloom in your heart and butterflies fly in your stomach! As you know, the word “sapphic” comes from the Greek poet Sappho, who wrote passionate poems to women. So in memory of her, we’d like to share a stanza from Sappho before we dive into the article:

“Sweet mother, I cannot weave -.

slender Aphrodite has overcome me

with longing for a girl.”

1. Princess Cyd (2017)

Best Sapphic Movies on Hulu - Princess Cyd (2017)

Princess Cyd (2017)

Princess Cyd ranks #1 on our list of the best Sapphic Movies on Hulu. Directed by Stephen Cone, the film revolves around a headstrong 16-year-old girl, who’s sent to Chicago to spend the summer and meets a kind-hearted author of religious novels there. The two gradually grow closer as they begin to get to know each other and spend more and more time together. The movie was rated 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and we recommend you see it!

2. Reaching for the Moon (2013)

Best Sapphic Movies on Hulu - Reaching for the Moon (2013)

Reaching for the Moon (2013)

This movie is just for bookworms and literature lovers. Reaching for the Moon is a Brazilian biographical drama based on the book Flores Raras e Banalíssimas (Rare and Commonplace Flowers) by Carmem Lucia de Oliveira. Set mostly in Petrópolis between the years 1951 and 1967, the film revolves around the love story of American poet Elizabeth Bishop and Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soares.

3. Saving Face (2004)

Best Sapphic Movies on Hulu - Saving Face (2004)

Saving Face (2004)

Saving Face is one of the Sapphic movies, which is about Chinese Americans and also the first Hollywood film to deal with the minority in the United States since The Joy Luck Club (1993). Directed by Alice Wu, the film revolves around a young Chinese American surgeon, her unwed pregnant mother, and her dancer girlfriend. Though seemingly simple, Saving Face contains several important themes about sexual identity, such as fluid identity, the incompatibility of homosexuality, and the relationship of these concepts to traditional Chinese culture. It received an 86% rating at Rotten Tomates and was ranked #2 on the best 200 Lesbian Movies of All Time by Autostraddle.

4. Sister Aimee (2019)

Best Sapphic Movies on Hulu - Sister Aimee (2019)

Sister Aimee (2019)

Based on true events, Sister Aimee is probably the most controversial and exciting of the Sapphic movies on this list, as it revolves around Christian evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, who disappeared in 1826 after a swimming trip at Venice Beach in California. Five weeks later, she resurfaced in Mexico, claiming that she’d fled kidnappers there. However, it was alleged that her disappearance was planned so that she could meet her lover. As a religious figure, McPherson’s career was naturally greatly affected by this incident. If you like biographic movies, you shouldn’t miss Sister Aimee.

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5 Tru Love (2013)

Best Sapphic Movies on Hulu - Tru Love (2013)

Tru Love (2013)

Among the Sapphic movies, the ones directed by women are undoubtedly the best, and Tru Love is one of them. Directed by Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald, the film revolves around a 37-year-old lesbian named Tru who can’t commit to a relationship or a job for long, her 35-year-old friend Suzanne, and Suzanne’s 60-year-old mother Alice. Things begin to get complicated when Suzanne’s mother comes to town. She develops an unexpected and intimate relationship with Tru, which makes Suzanne jealous and disturbed.

6. Vita & Virginia (2019)

Best Sapphic Movies on Hulu - Vita & Virginia (2019)

Vita & Virginia (2019)

Another biographical drama film that will definitely please literature lovers: Vita & Virginia. The 2019 film was adapted from the 1992 play of the same name by English actress Eileen Atkins, who also wrote the screenplay. As the title of the film suggests, it follows the love story of English author and garden designer Vita Sackville-West and modernist writer Virginia Woolf, who’d a great influence on women’s literature. In the 1920s, the two have an affair against the background of their open marriages.

7. The World to Come (2020)

Best Sapphic Movies on Hulu - The World to Come (2020)

The World to Come (2020)

Based on the short story of the same name by Jim Shepard, The World to Come stars Vanessa Kirby, Katherine Waterston, Casey Affleck and Christopher Abbott. The film is set in 1896 on the American East Coast and follows two neighboring couples who struggle with deprivation and isolation in a beautiful but exhausting landscape that challenges them both physically and mentally. The World to Come won the Queer Lion award for Best LGBTQ-themed film at the 77th Venice International Film Festival, where it had its world premiere.

8. Wild Nights With Emily (2018)

Best Sapphic Movies on Hulu - Wild Nights With Emily (2018)

Wild Nights With Emily (2018)

When it comes to Sapphic movies, there’s always a pinch of literature as a theme. Thus, the last film on our list, Wild Nights With Emily, revolves around two literary female figures from American literature. Directed by Madeleine Olnek, the film depicts the actual events in the life of Emily Dickinson, including her career as a writer, her attempts to get published, and her lifelong love affair with another woman, Susan Gilbert, who was Dickinson’s sister-in-law. Wild Nights has been rated 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, and we don’t think you should miss this literary feast.

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