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All 1883 Characters Ranked From Best to Worst!

All 1883 Characters Ranked From Best to Worst!
All 1883 Characters Ranked From Best to Worst!

The 1883 characters are at least as impressive as 1883 and connect us to the story of the series!

1883, which tells the prequel to the Yellowstone series, tells 150 years ago from the present. Captain Brennan and his right-hand man Thomas, unable to bear the hunger and misery any longer, will travel with a large group of immigrants from Germany. This community, who speaks almost no English and has no equipment to protect themselves, has to arrive in Montana. Brennan and Thomas are tasked with protecting them from Texas to Montana. James Dutton with his family of 6 joined them. So much happens on this difficult journey!

Part of the universe created by Taylor Sheridan, 1883 streams on Paramount+ and Amazon Prime. The IMDb score of the Western-themed production, which currently has 10 episodes and 1 season, is 8.8!

Let’s gossip a little about the 1883 characters and rank them from best to worst!

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1. Elsa Dutton

Elsa Dutton

Elsa Dutton

Elsa Dutton, one of the 1883 characters, is played by Isabel May. She is the eldest daughter of the Dutton family. She shares their dreams of getting out of poverty and having a good life in Montana.

Elsa, who is not lucky in her love life, starts to fall in love with Ennis on their journey, but Ennis is killed by a bandit during their journey. Elsa, who suffers Ennis’ pain, meets Sam at their destination, and they like each other in a very short time, they declare their love for each other. However, Elsa and Sam also fall apart and part with the promise of meeting one day.

Here comes the sad part. Maybe the reason why Elsa Dutton is number 1 on our list is the brutal end of her hopeful life. Elsa is shot by an arrow during an attack during her travels. Realizing that the arrow will kill her, Elsa spends her last minutes with her family.

2. James Dutton

1883 Characters James Dutton

James Dutton

James Dutton is one of the 1883 characters portrayed by Tim McGraw. He is the father of the Dutton family, who embarked on a hopeful journey to Montana.

James, who loves his family very much and is ready to do anything for them, owned a farm in Tennesse. From the moment they decided to embark on the journey, he began to be affected by sad events. James had a sister named Claire and Claire had a daughter named Mary Abel. They wanted to come to Montana too, but Claire’s daughter was killed by a bandit, and Claire couldn’t stand it and killed herself.

Struggling to survive in all these difficulties, James is one of the best 1883 characters we have seen and a former member of the Confederate States Army.

3. Ennis



Ennis, one of the 1883 characters, is played by Eric Nelsen. He is both a handsome cowboy and helpful. He has agreed to ensure the safety of families going to Montana.

Falling in love with Elsa Dutton on this journey, Ennis dreams of starting a beautiful family when they arrive in Montana. But Ennis, one of our earliest farewells from the 1883 characters, is shot in an attack by bandits on the way. The bullet got too close to his heart and dies on the spot.

4. Shea Brennan

Shea Brennan

Shea Brennan

Shea Brennan, one of the 1883 characters, is played by legendary actress Sam Elliott. Although he has great sorrows in his past, he accepted the duty of standing at the head of a group on the journey and there is no room for mistakes in his life.

Formerly part of the United States Army, Brennan is one of the most emotional people in the world, no matter how tough he may seem. The wife of Brennan Helen, was recently killed, is an ocean lover and wants to see the ocean one day. But once she dies, it’s up to Brennan to make her dream come true. On their journey, Brennan brings his crew to the ocean’s edge, stares at the ocean, and then kills himself to reunite with his wife.

5. Margaret Dutton

Margaret Dutton

Margaret Dutton

Margaret Dutton, an 1883 character, is played by Faith Hill. Margaret, the mother of the Dutton family, sets off to Montana with hope but also fears for her family.

Margaret, who has a nursing background in the Confederate States Army, is a loving mother but can become very tough when her children don’t listen to her. Normally a fearful and quick-tempered person, Margaret has nothing she wouldn’t do for her children.

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