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4 Plot Lines That Could Happen in Yellowstone Season 5!

4 Plot Lines That Could Happen in Yellowstone Season 5
4 Plot Lines That Could Happen in Yellowstone Season 5

You should all buckle up because we will talk about 4 plot lines that could happen in Yellowstone’s next season. We’re doing a deeper look into the series’ points that still need answers and reveal those plot lines that could happen in Yellowstone Season 5.

There are questions that still need responding now that Paramount Network has officially revived the series. Season 4 finale drew a million more audiences than the 14 million, and there are some plot lines that could happen in Yellowstone. We swarmed to our couches to watch its premiere episode, so it is natural to wonder about what will happen in Season 5.

To put it plainly, there are some significant issues ranging from Jamie’s daddy issues to Beth’s possible pregnancy, so take a look at the list of questions that have been keeping us wondering. Here are the 4 possible plot lines that could happen in Yellowstone Season 5!

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1. Jamie Loses His Mind in Yellowstone Season 5


Jamie Dutton

John Dutton greeted his son’s return with little fanfare, and we remember how de did need to take a break outside as we watched Rip going through the sprinklers, fulfilling his freshly re-assigned responsibilities. Beth burst out laughing as Jamie returned to the family, indicating that Jamie will face her wrath. This might all lead to Jamie losing his mind, and this is one of the most probable plot lines that could happen in Yellowstone.

His treachery while away from Yellowstone ranch may prevent the family to unite once more, because as fans may recall, Jamie was enraged with his father in Season 1, and it is still not forgotten. In the midst of his turmoil, he agreed to an interview with a reporter, and what Jamie said is unknown, and the interview was not mentioned in Season 2. So far, Jamie appears to be acting as if he can join the family whenever he wants.

Jamie’s now-ex-girlfriend clutched her necklace and Jamie told the reporter, “The only way to defend my father’s heritage is to destroy the guy,” so he will definitely lose his mind along the way and do something stupid according to the plot lines that could happen in Yellowstone.

2. John Marries Summer in Yellowstone Season 5

John and Summer

John and Summer

Season 4 of the Paramount Network’s Yellowstone was in full gear, with John Dutton still trying to figure out what happened to his family, but the Duttons continue to confront a variety of external challenges. The most recent came in the person of animal rights activist Summer Higgins, and while the two appeared to be at odds on paper, John definitely had a soft spot for Summer, so these two marrying might be one of the plot lines that could happen in Yellowstone. Even more, the actors have spoken out on what may lie ahead for the two, indicating a further relationship blossoming.

Although Yellowstone is a Western program, it also displays love interactions, and apart from Kayce and Monica’s sexual connection, John Dutton’s love life has emerged as one of the major issues, so fans are curious about him. We haven’t seen John Dutton in a serious relationship with a woman, so Summer might be a good choice.

3. Rip Dies in Yellowstone Season 5

Rip Wheeler

Rip Wheeler

With an intriguing Season 4 finale, many people are wondering what will happen to a popular character, Rip Wheeler, and whether he will die or not. This might be one of the plot lines that could happen in Yellowstone, but the chances are slim.

As the dispute between Jamie and Beth comes to a close, viewers may be afraid that Beth’s quarrel with Jamie may have an impact on Rip’s life, and Rip Wheeler is still alive at the end of Season 4, but will he die in Season 5?

Though Beth contemplates vengeance for the attacks on her family, she leaves Rip out of the strife between her and Jamie. In reality, things turned out nicely for Rip and Beth, as they married each other. However, we still do not know what will happen in Season 5, and Rip might be eliminated in the way.

4. Beth Gets Pregnant in Yellowstone Season 5

Beth and Rip

Beth and Rip

One thing fans are hoping for in Season 5 is a miraculous baby, so Beth getting pregnant might be among the plot lines that could happen in Yellowstone. Beth and Jamie’s enmity has left Beth unable to bear children, and now that she’s married to Rip, the realization that she’ll never be able to have a child is driving the couple crazy, so fans are hoping that Beth and Rip will have a child.

But it might not be possible at all. Maybe they will adopt Carter, though because Carter refers to Beth as “mama” in the Season 4 finale.

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