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4 Best Apple TV Shows to Watch During Pride Month 2022

4 Best LGBTQ Shows on Apple TV to Watch During Pride Month 2022
4 Best LGBTQ Shows on Apple TV to Watch During Pride Month 2022

Although there are not many, there are several high-quality LGBTQ shows on Apple TV available on the platform, and since the significance of LGBTQ tales on television cannot be overstated, we wanted to share some shows that you could watch to celebrate the Pride Month.

This month’s significance extends beyond the people they represent on screen, and these shows are important as people will accept the situation if they see it on the screen frequently. These shows can also help with the acceptance of ourselves and our own personalities for the community, but reaching others outside of the group is also vital.

The more LGBTQ characters we see in media, the more they are accepted and it is true that the streaming platform has gone out of its way to give us the best LGBTQ shows on Apple TV.

However, in terms of LGBTQ+ material, Apple’s streaming platform is very similar to Disney Plus, and there are not many materials that explicitly cover this issue. Aside from this complaint, we think there are quality LGBTQ shows on Apple TV to discover and watch this month.

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1. Dickinson



Dickinson is the best one of the LGBTQ shows on Apple TV as it is simultaneously hilarious and uplifting and people can learn a lot from this series. The show is set in the 19th century and examines the restrictions of society, gender, and family through the eyes of Emily Dickinson, making it one of the finest LGBTQ shows on Apple TV. Dickinson is a rebellious young poet, a real-life aspiring writer, who is brought to life in a highly fictitious and stylized rendition.

There is lesbian romance in this show, and there aren’t many historical lesbian series out there, so this makes Dickinson extra special. Furthermore, the culture that the show presents is intriguing, and the whole atmosphere of the series is refreshing. Aside from that, there are viewers who claimed they were more into poetry after watching the show.

Finally, Emily’s character is everything, and Hailee did an outstanding job portraying her as she’s so sympathetic. Aside from her relationship with Sue, you will be always looking forward to Emily’s everyday obsession in the show. She’s simply so much fun, and that is why many actually enjoy this series so much. Dickinson is hilarious, especially in the 1st season: the 2nd, though, has more substance than Emily’s poetry so it offers more motivating themes. Overall, Dickinson is quite nice and well worth seeing. The ones who want to watch LGBTQ shows on Apple TV should check this out.

2. Little Voice

Little Voice

Little Voice

You will enjoy every minute of the Little Voice and it is the story of a bashful girl who seldom leaves her bedroom. When her mother’s lover, a crooked local promoter, notices her ability for impersonating great singers, she goes around to sell her ability. The neighborhood hoodlums, on the other hand, have different plans for her, and her life starts to get more and more difficult, making it one of the best LGBTQ shows on Apple TV.

The plot of the show is relevant and moves well, the performers did an excellent job representing their roles, and we are sure Louie will be your favorite.

3. Dear…



The show Dear… is the biographies of prominent persons in society and letters written by those whose lives have been impacted by their doings, making it one of the best LGBTQ shows on Apple TV. We need symbols to inspire and lead us forward in troubled times now more than ever, and this show is a great one filling that gap. This show gives us an opportunity to contemplate and envision a better future.

4. Little America

Little America

Little America

Little America is described as an anthology of amusing, romantic, and uplifting stories about the lives of immigrants in the United States. Little America is definitely a must-see for folks of all races, colors, and creeds, more so because of the issues, and the stories that it deals with, making it one of the best LGBTQ shows on Apple TV. We think particularly the immigrant families will enjoy the show because of the quality and the relevance of the narrative itself!

It shows how much immigrants love the nation they immigrated to, even more than the people who were born there as it is a mosaic of tragedies interwoven with happier times. Although the episodes might be described as obscure and meandering at times, they are generally pretty good and some episodes are clearly superior to others. The show’s social and present significance demands an audience, so the ones who are on the look for LGBTQ shows on Apple TV should definitely check it out.

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