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Why is 13 Reasons Why Cancelled? 13 Reasons Why Season 5

Why is 13 Reasons Why Cancelled
Why is 13 Reasons Why Cancelled

There has been an ongoing debate about 13 Reasons Why Season 5 cancelation and Netflix’s adolescent drama has sparked this debate from its start, but that hasn’t stopped fans from tuning in and rooting for Hannah, Clay, and their fellow Liberty High classmates.

The 1st season, based on Jay Asher’s book of the same name, featured Clay, an introverted high schooler who gets a package of audio cassettes from his previous sweetheart, Hannah, who died by suicide. We meet Hannah and are exposed to other high schoolers who she identifies and shames for contributing to her profound and ultimately deadly despair through a series of flashbacks.

Let’s look at the possibility of a 13 Reasons Why Season 5, and the events that could take place in 13 Reasons Why Season 5.

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13 Reasons Why Season 5

13 Reasons Why Season 4

13 Reasons Why Season 4

Season 4 of the classic adolescent drama 13 Reasons Why will be available on Netflix on June 5. According to a statement released by the streaming service, this will be the final season of the show. Looks like there will not be a 13 Reasons Why Season 5 in the future.

Although the show has been continually successful, it has not been without controversy throughout the years. Despite this, Netflix and showrunner Brian Yorkey maintains that the show’s cancellation is solely for artistic grounds. Continue reading to learn more about the show’s demise as well as previous reactions.

The program will conclude because it has achieved the logical conclusion of its narrative arc, according to Netflix. Season 4 will “highlight the core cast’s graduation from high school,” a “logical finale to the story.”

To Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Brian Yorkey explained the reasoning for this choice. “Somewhere in the middle of season 2, when it became evident that we would have the opportunity to do further seasons of this, I rapidly got to a point where it seemed like a 4 season tale.”

“I’m always wary of high school shows that run past 4 seasons since high school is just four years long. It seemed like getting these people to their graduation and scattering them to their next things was the logical finish point. So, for a long time, the concept was that if we were so fortunate as to have the chance, we would do 4 seasons of this.”

13 Reasons Why Cast

13 Reasons Why Cast

13 Reasons Why Cast

Clay has gone a long way since Season 1, from discovering why Hannah Baker committed suicide and the heinous atrocities perpetrated by Bryce Walker, to tossing Tyler’s pistols in the water and assisting Monty in framing Bryce for his murder. We wonder what he will do in 13 Reasons Why Season 5.

Clay’s remorse from the previous 3 seasons begins to put the ultimate burden on his mental health in season 4, as he fears Winston will tell the truth about Bryce’s killing and incriminate the whole Liberty High gang.

A well-known jock Justin Foley was the first person mentioned in Hannah Baker’s recordings in season 1, and he’s subsequently acquired a heroin addiction and been adopted by Clay’s parents after becoming homeless. What will happen to Justin in 13 Reasons Why Season 5?

The last time we saw Jessica Davis, she was coming to grips with being a sexual assault survivor and trying to cover up Bryce’s crime after seeing his death, and she is another person we are expecting to see in 13 Reasons Why Season 5.

Last season, Tony was named as a suspect in Bryce’s murder when it was discovered that Bryce’s father had Tony’s father deported to Mexico. Season 4 will most likely see Tony attempt to return his family to the United States and rescue his sister, whom he had to send to live with relatives in Arizona, but what about 13 Reasons Why Season 5?

13 Reasons Why Book

Clay Jensen

Clay Jensen

13 Reasons Why is a 2007 young adult novel written by Jay Asher about Hannah Baker, a high schooler, and the thirteen reasons why she attempts suicide. Hannah leaves behind a series of seven double-sided cassette cassettes describing the 13 specific persons and events she blames for her death.

These cassette cassettes are shipped out two weeks following her death, with instructions to pass the tapes on to the next person on the tape. Hannah’s life narrative is told through these cassettes, which are told by Hannah as well as Clay, her classmate, and the 9th person to get the tapes.

13 Reasons Why Ending Explained



Alex runs across his ex-girlfriend Winston (Deaken Bluman), who believes Jessica is responsible for Bryce Walker’s death. Winston, who is still madly in love with Alex, resolves to preserve the secret for him when Alex discloses that he murdered the bully and serial rapist.

After Sheriff Diaz solves the investigation on Bryce’s murder, the Liberty High seniors attend their graduation, with Clay selected as the class speaker.

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