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Outer Range Ending Explained – What Happens to Amy in Outer Range?

Outer Range Ending Explained – What Happens To Amy in Outer Range
Outer Range Ending Explained – What Happens To Amy in Outer Range

The Outer Range brings to the screen the story of farmer Royal Abbott, who lives in Wyoming, is deeply attached to his family and lifestyle and strives to maintain that commitment. Abbott, who discovers an interesting mystery in the lands he owns, has to fight many problems until the Outer Range ending.

Supernatural, mystery, and drama genre Outer Range met us on Amazon Prime on April 15 2022 with its 8-episode 1st season. Let’s talk about the Outer Range ending, and what happened to Amy in Outer Range!

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Outer Range Ending - The Story of Outer Range

The Story of Outer Range

What is the story of Outer Range?

One morning, two of Abbott’s cattle go missing, while Royal and her children are out to look for the cattle, a woman named Autumn appears on their land and says she wants to camp on their land for a few nights, she gives the money in return, and Royal accepts this.

The events do not end on the same day, and the Tillersons, the owner of the neighboring farm, sued them for usurping their land, if they do not move the fences inside 1500 meters, they will have to pay 80,000 dollars, which means about 80 acres of land, and their most productive land is about to be sold.

While the family is hit after blow, they leave to search for cattle, while Royal continues to search alone, he finds a large black hole in their land.  The interior of this huge black hole which will haunt us until the Outer Range ending is dark even in the daytime, and Royal reaches into it and sees his wife pointing at her guests at her house.

Outer Range Ending - Royal Abbott

Royal Abbott

On the way home, Royal spots a bison with Native American arrows on its back. When he comes home, the Sheriff and the FBI can’t find him anywhere for 9 months, eventually, he finds out that they stopped looking for him, the black hole has shown him the future.

However, the incident does not end there, Autumn, who camped on their land, suddenly appeared at the age of 9, just like Royal, he also does not remember his past, Tillerson wants to take this mysterious land where the black hole is, by taking advantage of the uncertainty in the land registry records 150 years ago, which actually belongs to the Abbotts, the land is rich in oil.

While all this is happening, people fall into the mysterious black hole and some come out of the black hole.

Outer Range Autumn

Outer Range Autumn

As we near the Outer Range ending, Autumn encounters a talking bear during her expulsion from the farm. The bear tells Autumn to tell Billy Tillerson the truth about the black hole at the Abbott farm.

Autumn thinks great things will happen to those who are intrinsically connected to this black hole, and enlists Billy to make sure that Royal is out of his way. He threatens Royal and says I think something bad will happen to your grandson.

As Royal remembers Billy’s threat about Amy, he sees his son Perry enter the black hole. He was able to save his father years ago, and he hopes he can save his son too. This complex Outer Range ending will bring us season two, we’re sure of it!

Outer Range Amy

Outer Range Amy

What Happens to Amy in Outer Range?

Autumn tells Royal that she had an accident as a child and only knows her name. With the black hole no longer able to handle its secret, Royal attempts to kill Autumn by leaving Autumn to die in the woods. In the finale, Autumn tries to kill Royal in a shootout, and in a car chase that results in Billy being shot, Royal rolls over his truck and injures Autumn.

Outer Range Ending-Outer Range Amy&Autumn

Outer Range Amy & Autumn

Before Royal hurts Autumn, he discovers that she has the same scar on her face as Amy. Royal suddenly realizes that the person he’s been trying to kill all this time is an older version of her granddaughter, Amy, from a future timeline!  When Autumn first meets the hiker Amy, she isn’t immediately sure who she is until Amy reveals she is Royal’s granddaughter. When Perry sees Autumn in the woods, he asks to see a picture of Rebecca. Perry shows a photograph and Autumn’s facial expression shows that she knows Rebecca and connects the dots about her disappearance.

Before reaching the Outer Range ending, in the picture that Amy showed to Royal, we see her drawing her entire family together, including Rebecca. Amy’s smiley stick figures all wear yellow shirts, which shows us the future Autumn in yellow overalls.

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