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Netflix Interceptor Ending Explained – Is JJ Collins Alive?

Netflix Interceptor Ending Explained - Is JJ Collins Alive?
Netflix Interceptor Ending Explained

Interceptor is a brand new action movie that kept us on our toes until the very end. We’re sure that it kept most of the viewers on the edge of their seats and made them think about the suspenseful ending of the movie. But don’t worry, we are here to get you covered about the Interceptor ending and explain the gripping events that took place in the final moments of the movie.

Netflix Interceptor Ending Explained - Is JJ Collins Alive?

Netflix Interceptor

Directed by Australian action thriller writer Matthew Reilly, Interceptor is about an army captain who must put her years of tactical training and military expertise to use when a simultaneous coordinated attack threatens the missile interceptor station she commands. If you’re ready, let’s dive in!

Where Can I Watch Interceptor?

You can watch Interceptor on Netflix.

Where Was Interceptor Filmed?

The filming location for Interceptor is New South Wales, Australia, the country where most of the Interceptor actors were born.

Interceptor Ending Explained

Interceptor Ending Explained

Interceptor Ending Explained

Beaver was working for the Russian terrorists, and with his help Alexander had once penetrated the control room and activated a missile, just to make sure the Americans watched their people get killed and got an idea of the devastation that awaited them. Captain J.J. Collins was able to push them back just in time to shoot down the Interceptor and shoot down the incoming nuclear missile. They had to do something to stay above the surface because the rig was sinking and the missiles couldn’t be fired if they were underwater.

Rahul Shah took the mantle and told JJ that he would jump into the sea and try to reach the basement from where the valves could be closed. Beaver, however, made it to the basement and killed Rahul Shah.

The mission was led by other Russian terrorists, and Alexander was just a pawn working for money. JJ thought that if she could get Alexander to fire his missile before the rig sank, she could fire the interceptors and shoot them down. Therefore, she faked Alexander into allowing her to take command. Meanwhile, Beaver went to the control room and informed Alexander that JJ had escaped and was probably hiding on the roof, when in fact she was hiding in the control room. She then killed Alexander’s companion, went to the roof, and killed Corporal Beaver Baker. JJ was then thrown into the sea.

Is JJ Collins Alive?

Is JJ Collins Alive?

She arrived at the rig just in time, but the launch button had been destroyed. Before the 12-minute timer expired, she used Beaver’s laptop to launch the interceptor missiles. Meanwhile, Alexander thought he would be rescued by his Russian friends and not face persecution from the American government.

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Then the Russian terrorists emerged from the sea in a submarine. But things didn’t turn out the way Alexander had hoped, as he was killed instantly because the mission had already failed. However, even though JJ was the one who’d derailed their plan, they didn’t kill her because that wouldn’t have satisfied their vendetta. As a result, the President visited JJ and appointed her as a member of the National Security Staff.

So the answer to the question “Is JJ Collins alive?” is a big yes! She made it to the end and was rewarded for her selflessness. By the way, her father was alive too, which was a surprise. His friends from the Veterans Retirement Home had arrived just in time and saved his life.

Interceptor Cast
Netflix Interceptor Cast

Interceptor Cast

Interceptor cast consists of several outstanding actors and actresses who did a great job with their amazing performances in the film. We believe that the success of the actors has increased the impact of the action movie. Most of the actors in Netflix Interceptor are Australians, which makes the film an American-Australian co-production. Now let’s take a look at the cast of the 2022 film.

Elsa Pataky as Captain J.J. Collins

Mayen Mehta as Corporal Rahul Shah

Luke Bracey as Alexander Kessel

Colin Friels as Frank Collins

Aaron Glenane as Beaver Baker

Rhys Muldoon as Lieutenant Colonel Clark Marshall

Belinda Jombwe as Ensign Washington

Marcus Johnson as General Dyson

Zoe Carides as President Wallace

In addition, Christ Hemsworth, who is one of the executive producers of Netflix Interceptor, makes an uncredited cameo appearance in the film as the laid back salesman in a large electronics store.

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